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Why Sleeping Naked Is Healthy For You

Why Sleeping Naked Is Healthy For You

Ever wonder why sleeping naked is healthy? Or if it's even healthy for you? Here is the low down on why sleeping naked has so many health benefits. Check it

Roughly one in three adults who sleep naked (according to the U.S. National Sleep Foundation). Believe it or not, sleeping naked does have health benefits. Yes, that’s right there are health benefits for you guys to sleeping naked. Here is your 411 on why sleeping naked is healthy. You should probably hop on the bandwagon and sleep in your birthday suit.

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Protects Your Sperm

Yep, it’s true. 500 men were tracked by the National Institute of Child Health and Development and Stanford University who dictated their own sleeping habits and underwear choice for a year. They discovered that when analyzing a dude’s sperm quality, those who did boxer by day and commando by night routines at 25% less damaged DNA in their sperm. They noted men who increase their ball temperature through heat exposure or wore tight underwear had poorer semen.


Boosts Love Life

57% of those who sleep naked were happy with their relationship in comparison to those 48% pajama-wearers. I mean, let’s be real. The whole getting undressed part prior to sex always seems like it’ll be a sexy time in theory, but usually is just really disappointing; or maybe I’m doing something wrong. Still, not totally surprised by the statistics there.

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Better Quality Sleep

Your body temperature needs to drop about half a degree before it can fall asleep. Not to mention, in order to stay asleep your body temperature needs to be regulated. If it isn’t, your brain wakes itself up to see why you’re so hot. The benefit of sleeping naked is that your body has an easier time cooling down and maintaining lower body temps. If you are constantly being disrupted during your sleep, it doesn’t necessarily mean you get less sleep but the quality certainly shifts. You’re missing out on restorative sleep which is crucial to memory consolidation and cell repair. If you really need to warm up, cozy up to your babe. If you don’t have one, rough.

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Burn More Calories

Sleeping in a cold bedroom activated brown fat in adults. Yes, brown fat is a thing. It’s commonly found in babies but adults do have it; it’s able to produce more than 300 times more heath than any other organ in your body. Regular white body fat adds up when we eat more calories than we burn, ultimately burning stored energy. The journal of Diabetes found that those who slept naked doubled their volumes of brown fat in their body and burned more calories throughout the day. Sleeping in cooler temperature and naked can help activate brown fat. Sounds like a pretty legitimate reason why sleeping naked is healthy for you.

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Lowers Blood Pressure

Aside from lying in bed with your partner, sleeping naked generates a boost in Oxycontin. You know, the hormone that has serious health benefits. If you sleep naked plus with skin to skin contact, there are impulses to the brain that release Oxycontin insanely and lower your blood pressure. Plus it also boosts your immune system and reduces anxiety. Don’t really see the down fall here dudes. If you are someone with high blood pressure, now you have a reason why sleeping naked is healthy and how you’ll benefit from it.

I’m sure you’ve slept naked but at least you now know the reasons why sleeping naked is healthy.
These are all the reasons why sleeping naked is healthy for you!
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