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Why You Shouldn’t Settle In A Relationship (Or Anything-For That Matter)

Why You Shouldn’t Settle In A Relationship (Or Anything-For That Matter)

How To Move On From Someone You Thought You Would Be With Forever

If you’re like me and have been single for a while, it starts to get frustrating and disheartening. You feel like you’re doing all you can to try and meet people, but you just can never seem to find someone who you really click with. After a while of going on dates that never result in anything, you start to feel like maybe you should just settle on the next tolerable guy that comes along. Well, as tempting as that may be, do not settle in a relationship. Not only will you regret it in the long run, but you are worth so much more than just settling for a guy who was “okay” or that you had a “fine” time with. Here’s why:

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I am in the same boat with every other girl who has been single seemingly forever, so believe me, I know how frustrating and disheartening it can get.

Also like you, I’ve been on a few dates, which all were fine. I didn’t have a bad time, but it also wasn’t the greatest nights of my life, either. The guys were nice and everything, but nothing that really knocked me out of my seat, you know what I mean? Could each of the dates potentially have lead to something if I decided to continue pursuing them? Yeah, probably. Would I have been happy in the relationship? Yeah, probably – or at least in the beginning. But I refuse to settle in a relationship for a guy who is just “nice” and who I had a “fine” time with. You want to know why? Because I experienced being with someone who made me feel how I’ve never felt before, and this was just in a few short hours on one night. That night I can easily say was the best night of my life. I stayed out with him as late as I possibly could and before I even left him I was planning the next time I could see him. He made me smile and laugh all the time and just made me feel like the most special, amazing person he had ever met – even when we were just texting. Had we not met on vacation, lived in separate states, and had it come to the tragic end that it did, I have no doubt in my mind that he and I would have been in it for the long haul.

I firmly believe that everyone has that person out there for them.

It might take a while to find him, but he’s out there, I promise. So trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to settle in a relationship for the “nice” guy who you had a “fine” time with. It probably wouldn’t be a relationship that would last, anyway, and who wants to waste their time? Not me. You want to wait for the guy who made you feel like I did – giggly and excited and planning your next date together before you even leave each other. You want to wait for the guy who treats you like a queen. The guy who can make you laugh even when you don’t feel like smiling. That’s the guy you want to hold out for. Trust me, he will have been worth the wait. But for now, just live your life and have fun, and who knows, you might even find him where/when you least expect it – and trust me, when you find him you’ll know.

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