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Why Sending Dick Pics NEEDS To Be Stopped

Why Sending Dick Pics NEEDS To Be Stopped

Sending dick pics has been a trend for a long time, but it's time for it to come to a stop. Ladies are here to tell you why sending dick pics needs to be banned IMMEDIATELY.

EWWWWWWW, EW, and EW. Just, ew. It’s safe to say the majority of women would agree on that reaction to any dick pic they have ever received. It doesn’t matter if you’re the sexiest man on earth, no picture of your schlong is necessary, cute, or asked for. This is why sending dick pics needs to come to a complete stop.

1. Dicks are ugly AFFFFFFFFFFFF

Nobody has time or wants to look at your extraterrestrial body part.

2. It’s not that we don’t love that part of you…

Obvs we do and we are thankful for it, but we just don’t want to see it blowing up our phones.

3. One word…flaccid

If you’re going to do it (which you shouldn’t) please for the love of all things, don’t let it be flaccid. Get yourself going, it’s really the least you could do.

4. Sending it out of the blue is more of a horror movie than a sex scene

If we’re at home relaxing and watching Netflix, the last thing we want is that disturbing image.

5. We don’t want to send you a picture after seeing that

If you’re sending a dick pic because you’re horny, please refrain. Just tell us you want to do a little sexting and keep that to yoself.

6.  It isn’t a nice gesture

There is nothing “nice” about it.

7. Just because ONE girl may have liked it doesn’t mean any other girl on the planet does

To each their own, but no.

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8. It doesn’t turn us on

Out of all the ways you can turn us on, sending dick pics is the LAST on the list. It honestly just isn’t even on the list at all.

9. No matter what size it is, we aren’t impressed

Sending dick pics as an ego boost because you believe you have a large penis isn’t going to help you at all. If anything, you’re going to lower your ego.

10. There are plenty of other ways to be sexy

Don’t under estimate the power of some classic dirty talk.

Long story short, a dick pic is rarely ever a good idea. So please save that for sexy time only and don’t waste your time or ours (THANK YOU).

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