Why Rachel Green Is Our Role Model

Did you love Friends as much as I did? Do you watch the season son repeat and know every word? This article explains why we believe Rachel Green is our role model from Friends.


Even though Rachel came to the Coffee House as a spoilt adult, she had some good qualities going for her. She was honest about what she wanted and she knew she couldn’t marry Barry just to have a nice, safe life because it would have been wrong. She came to the city not knowing what she wanted and that must have been terrifying. She moved on without her fiance and parent’s support and got a job as a waitress and worked her way up.

Rachel Green


Rachel realizes she has a passion for fashion and decides to pursue it, no matter what. She quits her job so she can focus on her goal and that takes guts. She’s passionate about her job and she won’t just throw it away.

Rachel Green


Even if she steals Monica’s thunder, Rachel is always there for her friends when they need her and vice versa. She’ll always be there for them and would do anything to make sure they’re okay.

Rachel Green


Like Rachel says herself, you can’t have enough courage. She tells people exactly what she thinks of them and if someone tries to get in her way she’ll manage to get what she wants anyway. When she went to London and ignored Phoebe’s advice, she realized she was wrong but had the courage to go anyway.

Rachel Green

We hope you enjoyed reading why Rachel Green is our role model.

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