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Why Plants are Better than People

Why Plants are Better than People

Let us take a brief moment together to reflect on a Karen that has been in your life. Maybe this Karen showed up at work and told you to apply the coupon that expired last year, or maybe your particular Karen is a part of your family, and you have to deal with her at every significant family function. There are always people who we simply wish were not in our lives at all. While removing the entire human population is not the most plausible idea, there is another concept that you might find interesting…plants. There are countless items that are far superior to the human population, but plants are ranked as one of the best. Here are some of the main reasons why plants are better than people.

Science is Cool

If you aren’t a plant parent, you have to admit that some aspects of plants are truly remarkable. For starters, plants partake in photosynthesis. The process of collecting carbon dioxide and water from air and soil reduces the electrons in the carbon dioxide, thus transforming water into oxygen and transforming the remaining carbon dioxide into glucose. If you skipped over that last part, the main takeaway is that plants make oxygen, which is pretty cool overall.


Plants Also Hate People

While the scientific aspect of plants is incredible, there are so many other reasons why plants are far superior to people. Some plants have taken it upon themselves to mitigate living things. Consider carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants. If you have never seen one of these in person, find your local greenhouse and check it out because this plant is incredible. The pitcher plant has pitcher-shaped leaves that form pitfall traps. This incredible species grows in terrible conditions thriving primarily on what it consumes within its pitchers. The edges of the pitchers are often slippery, causing crawling or flying insects to fall in, leading to their dissolution in rainwater captured at the bottom of the pitcher. A handful of nutrients are obtained from the dissolution of whatever is in the pitcher keeping the plant alive.

The pitcher plant is focused on killing anything that breathes; other plants kill humans in more violent and direct ways. For example, Water Hemlock is a common toxic plant that, if ingested, can lead to death or serious long-term effects. Deadly Nightshade is another murderous plant that can cause irritation through physical contact. Ingesting Deadly Nightshade leads to paralysis of the body and heart, naturally leading to death. Theoretically, if you did eat this plant and died beside it, your body would ultimately turn into plant food.


Death is Kinda Nutritious

Plants utilizing dead bodies as nutrition is kinda dope; it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t worry because there are still tons of reasons why plants are better than people. You recognize its beauty when you spot a plant that you think should be included in your home. Many plants are lovely, and they can be all yours. Dieffenbachia, commonly referred to as a dumb cane, is a beautiful addition to any home. The leaf patterns on this particular plant are unique and detailed creating. There are numerous notable plant additions such as a prayer plant, purple passion plant, calathea, silk philodendron, and many others. Collecting different species of plants is half the fun. Placing them alongside one another creates a whole jungle look which makes a whole new vibe for anybody’s aesthetic.

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The Pot Theme

Speaking of decoration and layout of plants, pots have to be mentioned. While you might not first consider the home of a plant décor, it can add considerable detail to any space. Creating a color theme by pots will create a coordinated and vibrant look. Some choose to contrast the colors of plants utilizing terracotta. Others prefer adding cool tones to the mix with white, black, and gray. Potting a plant is an art form in and of itself. You can choose a pot that contrasts or matches a plant perfectly or imperfectly. Mix things up with some solid potting action to start your plant collection.

The Best Argument

There are some pretty solid arguments here about why plants are better than people, but there is one argument that truly outweighs the rest. Have you ever had those days where people will literally not stop talking? People go on and on about how they are tired or their lives are falling apart. Perhaps it is you that is doing all the talking. Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to have some simple peace and quiet. The best way to get that peace and quiet is with plants. The most noise you are going to get from them is a leaf casually shifting to catch more sunlight. While the average person does not shut up and only talks about themselves, plants are all ears at all hours of the day. They show you love and happiness by giving you unexpected flowers or new leaves. They communicate their needs by drooping leaves, which is more effective communication than you get from most humans. Plants are there for you at all hours of the day and night, ready to set the mood. The next time you come home from an exhausting day of listening to the average human being, you will be embraced by a jungle of sunlight, happiness, and greenery.


Really there is not much else I can say to convince you of how cool plants are. There are so many reasons why you should start collecting a jungle. If you can’t stand the human population, plants are the way to go. If you want an aesthetically pleasing home, invite plants into your space. If you want to receive little gifts of life in the form of new leaves instead of children, this is honestly the best option. Plants need some love and affection, but they need a lot less than most people do. Pick your favorite plant and give it tons of love. Then spend the rest of your time convincing the other plants you don’t have a favorite. Happy Growing!

What are your favorite plants that have replaced people?