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Why Pilates is Trending

Why Pilates is Trending

Pilates has taken the internet by storm! Everyone has been sharing on social media because they have fallen in love with pilates. People have seen some crazy results since starting pilates. People have been taking classes in studios, at home, on a mat, or the reformer.

1. Low impact

One of the reasons that I believe that pilates is trending is because it is low impact workout. The most similar training to pilates is barre, as they are both low-impact forms of exercise and incorporate similar movements and props. If you enjoy taking barre classes, then you should try out pilates! Pilates is kind to your joint, so if you suffer from joint pain, this could be a new workout to incorporate into your exercise routine. Since pilates is low impact, it also means that it is apartment friendly. Sometimes we may not want to leave our homes or apartments to get a good workout. Sometimes we want to roll out a yoga mat and get a quick and challenging sweat in. You won’t feel guilty about doing a Pilates class in your apartment because you won’t be jumping or running around your apartment, and you won’t be bothering your neighbors, which is a win in my book! Pilates’ low impact allows you to work out in your apartment while being kind to your body and joints. Due to the low-impact workout, taking one of these classes on one of your active recovery days is also great! Or, for days when you don’t want to kill yourself and go to the gym or don’t have enough energy to go for a run but still want to move, you have the option to take a 10-minute Pilates class that offers the perfect amount of movement. These 10 minutes might shift your mindset as well. I believe that the main reason that pilates is trending is because of the low-impact exercises.

2. Build strong, toned, and lean muscles

Pilates is highly challenging! Although it might look easy, I assure you that it is not! Any Pilates workout will challenge you and leave you feeling sore. This is because when taking a class such as pilates, it focuses on the smaller muscles you don’t use every day or in other strength training workouts. Pilates will cause you to use the muscles and fatigue them with high rep count and light weights, resistance bands and straps, or even body weight. If one of your fitness goals is to strengthen your core, you must try pilates! It focuses on balance and engaging your core throughout the class. If you start going to pilates regularly, you will notice that your core will feel stronger! I believe that developing these smaller muscles is also why pilates is trending!

3. Don’t need to pay for studio or app

Another reason why I believe that pilates is trending is because it can be done from the comfort of your home and for free. There is a bunch of free Pilates content on YouTube from certified Pilates instructors. But if you are excited that in-person exercise classes are back, get into the studio! There are many studios to choose from as well as a variety of styles to choose from. I’m sure there is a boutique Pilates studio near you or some bigger chain studios wherever you live. If you are a part of a gym that offers exercise classes, I guarantee they also have pilates on their schedule. If they don’t, or you don’t have a gym membership, try these studios: Solidcore, Club Pilates, Core Pilates, and more! Pilates is trending because it can be done in a studio or at home!
4. Equipment is optional

Just like you can find all different styled classes for pilates, you will also find that there are many options for equipment. If you go on to YouTube, you can type into your search bar no “no equipment mat Pilates,” and there will be hundreds of classes and videos to choose from. But if you want to incorporate more equipment because you have light dumbbells, ankle weights, wrist weights, and resistance bands at home, you can also certainly find classes with these options on YouTube. Or you can purchase a Pilates app. I recommend Melissa Wood Health, Sweat app, Body by Blogilates, and Align by Bailey Brown, but there are so many apps to choose from. Optional equipment makes this a super easy workout to complete any time and anywhere. I believe that the flexibility that this workout offers people is a reason why it is trending.

5. The Kardashians

If you have watched The Kardashians on Hulu, you know that they also do pilates. I’m sure this plays a massive part in why pilates is trending. Once viewers and fans saw that the Kardashians had reformers in their homes and doing a Pilates class, they knew they had to try! Thus, pilates is trending, and I’m sure a large part of that is because of the Kardashian as we see how they all look so snatched!

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6. Hair washing schedule

Great news: this workout is low impact. You won’t be sweating as much as you do if you go for a run outside or go to an Orangetheory class. This means that it is excellent for your hair washing schedule! I mean, isn’t that fantastic! You are still getting an amazing workout with less sweat and oily hair. This is amazing for someone who tries only to wash their hair two to three times a week! If you are like me, then I think you should try out pilates! I believe that people have realized that pilates is hair-washing friendly and thus caused pilates to trend.

Pilates is trending because it is a great exercise that is perfect for everyone! Some many options and can be done virtually anywhere. It is the ideal low-impact workout that can be incorporated into any busy schedule and workout routine! I highly recommend trying out a class.