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Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac

Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac

Relationships aren’t easy, and I’m sure you’re no stranger this. If they were, no one would ever be sad and heartbroken, wondering where they could have possibly gone wrong with their relationships. If you feel like you’ve come to a dead-end and need some answers, why not turn to astrology? Here’s why people keep breaking your heart according to your zodiac sign. 

1. Aries 

When it comes to love, Aries, you’re fiery and committed. You give your all in relationships and when you don’t get that in return, it leaves you feeling empty and depleted. You need a partner that understands you inside and out and meets all your needs but doesn’t suffocate you. You might love the attention at first, but over time your partner might just not be able to keep up with your beautiful passion and charisma. Those heartbreakers think they can control and change you, Aries, but never forget who you really are!

Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac


2. Taurus

Your reliability and stability give you great opportunities when it comes to love, so why do you keep getting your heart broken? You’re a hopeless romantic who’s looking for a loyal and affectionate partner, but often get spooked easily when things get too tough. Your fear of change may seem like a weakness to your past lovers, but really you’re just very committed to everything you do! You won’t settle for mediocrity and not everyone can understand that. 

3. Gemini

Unlike a Taurus, a Gemini is ever-changing and has multiple sides to them. Your daring and fun personality gives your partner a real thrill and excitement in the relationship. But at the same time, the unpredictability of your interests can drive away your partner and make it seem like you don’t know what you want. But, you know exactly what you want and need Gemini, so don’t let a few broken hearts stop you!

Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac


4. Cancer

You are emotional and sensitive Cancer, and this never helps a broken heart. You crave a steady relationship in which you can rely on your partner for anything and everything. But when you don’t find this, your insecurities get the best of you and you’re hesitant to cut things off. Your sympathetic nature means you care deeply about your loved ones, which can sometimes lead to partners taking advantage of you. Find your ground and stay true to yourself, Cancer. 

5. Leo

As a Leo, you want to be the ruler of the jungle and nothing less. You crave attention and passion from your partner and you will give them exactly that in return. You’re a powerful fire sign that loves to be admired and spoiled and your power can sometimes seem intimidating to partners. But, don’t lower your crown, Leo, partners who broke your heart weren’t worthy of your love in the first place!

Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac


6. Virgo

Your high standards and analytical personality mean you will never settle for anything in life, and this can be both a positive and negative thing. You seek perfection in everything and this doesn’t stop at love. This can be a challenge when it comes to finding and keeping a partner. Not everyone can keep up with your harsh inner critic, Virgo, and it leaves both people in the relationship feeling reluctant. But, this isn’t a reason to retreat back into your turtle shell, a true partner will accept you as you are, and appreciate how loyal, kind, and practical you are!

7. Libra

Constantly seeking balance, a Libra makes sure to choose their partners wisely. You are a careful thinker, which can often be misconstrued as indecisive, potentially leaving your partners wondering if you’re in it for the long run. Your cooperation and fairness in any relationship may lead you to become too reliant on your partner but don’t worry Libra, your broken heart will leave you to find happiness and harmony in yourself!

Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac

8. Scorpio

Your passion and assertiveness may be intimidating to some, Scorpio, but it can lead you to beautiful relationships. But your desire to be right and your jealousy can often get in the way and leave your relationships crumbling. If you’re tired of the heartbreak Scorpio, use your leadership and braveness in a positive way. Don’t let your fierceness spin out of control, use it to start something new and forget all about that ex!

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9. Sagittarius

The free spirit of this fire sign can sometimes leave you feeling restless and searching for freedom in a relationship. You are always seeking adventure and knowledge and need a partner who can keep up. Your impatience may cause a roadblock in relationships, and you may clash with a partner who doesn’t share your zest for life. But a broken heart won’t stop you Sagittarius, you’ll soon be on your next adventure!

Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac

10. Capricorn

The ambition of a Capricorn is nothing to mess around with, especially when it comes to love. You are very goal-oriented, meaning that if your partner doesn’t turn out exactly how you imagined, all bets are off. It can be difficult for you to see other perspectives in a relationship which can create a challenge. But your independence and discipline will lead you to great things in life Capricorn, so don’t be afraid to move on and learn from your mistakes in the past!

11. Aquarius

This air sign is independent, progressive, and full of complex layers that maybe you don’t quite understand yourself. You might feel that no one could ever understand you, and this leads to you pushing partners away before they get too close. You crave freedom and alone time, but at heart, you don’t want to be lonely. Learning to trust your partner is a big step Aquarius, so don’t be afraid to make that big commitment and forget all about the heartbreak!

Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac

12. Pisces

From the outside looking in, a friendly Pisces is selfless, wise, and intuitive, but no one has all the answers when it comes to love. Your romance and the long search for love may leave you coming up empty-handed and wondering where you went wrong. Your overly-trusting nature may get you into trouble when it comes to a partner, leading you to make poor judgments that may get your heart broken. Tread carefully, Pisces, and think carefully before making any big moves. 

Understanding the reason behind a break up is never an easy thing to do, but we learn and we grow. Can you relate to what we wrote about your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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