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Why One Bite Pizza Reviews Are The Best Thing On Youtube Right Now

Anyone who is familiar with Barstool Sports knows who Dave Portnoy is. He’s the founder of the boundary-pushing sports blog, and he helped propel the site towards a 450 million dollar deal with Penn National Gaming. At Barstool El Pres is know for ruling with somewhat of an iron fist, and for absolutely putting his employees through hell, but it is always able to come off in a somewhat playful manner. When I watched the office the first time, I wanted to work alongside Steve Carrell and John Krasinski so badly, and I get the very same feeling when I watch Barstool sports videos and see the crew clowning around. 

El Pres has been a part of numerous successful ventures at Barstool, and those ventures range from partnering with a spirits company to make their own liquor, creating their own Cards Against Humanity Esque game called Answer The Internet, And perhaps his most viral idea, One Bite Pizza Reviews where El Pres tries a new slice of pizza everyday and ranks it. 

One Bite Pizza Reviews

One Bite Pizza Reviews has been an ongoing series for around 3-4 years now, and I believe El Pres is on something like a 700+ day eating pizza streak, which is a shining example of his dedication to this project. 

The One Bite Pizza Reviews are great for many reasons, and they come with so many layers that aren’t expected at first look. It might seem like the series is just a guy buying pizza and ranking them on a street corner, but if you look in the right spots, there are plenty of installments with a ton of heart. One Bite Pizza Reviews has explored and tried to settle rivalries between pizzerias, they help to tell the story of pizza spots that have been around for generations, and they even light up people’s lives who might be shrouded in a bit darkness. Mostly every shop owner lights up when they see El Pres walk through their door, but one of the most wholesome episodes I’ve seen is at Brooklyn Square Pizza in Jersey. The owner of Brooklyn square is a man fighting cancer, and he tells his story to El Pres, and it nearly brings me to tears. The amount of hospitality this struggling man was able to offer and the excitement he got out of El Pres’s favorable review is one of the most heartwarming things I’ve ever seen.  

One Bite Pizza Reviews is also fun if you’re a New Yorker because you might just see El Pres at your favorite pizza place, or in my case he went and visited Old Forge Pennsylvania which is where I’m from, and it was wild to see him stomping around my hometown. He’s also journeyed around Massachusetts, Florida, Chicago, so there is always the possibility of him popping up in your town.

And to take the show even further, there are episodes with cracking guests such as Guy Fieri, Michael Buffer, and Julian Edelman, which is a great way to bring in more viewers and to give people a different look at some of their favorite personalities.  

Frozen Pizza Reviews

This quarantine we are in hasn’t stopped El Pres’s hustle and salute him for that. Since being locked inside his home he has started doing frozen pizza reviews on his new frozen pizza scale. 

I can say that I was never into watching people eat food and eating along with them, but since watching these frozen pizza reviews, I have been eating a lot more frozen pizza while watching the reviews. There was even a solid week where it got really out of control, and I was eating frozen pizza every day, all thanks to El Pres’s influence. 

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This form of the show might resonate more because a lot of people don’t live in New York, and frozen pizza is something we all have access to no matter the location. Pres Gives a high score to a Newman’s Own pizza, I go out and get a Newman’s Own to see what the hype is about. I even watched El Pres rate a Lou Malnati’s frozen deep dish from Chicago, and it affected me so much that I went and ordered two of the pizzas right away for $60, which looking back seems like insanity, but the pizza held up to standards I was told it would, and it was worth every penny. This is also a testament to what a good salesman and marketer the Barstool Sports brand is.  


Something crazy and new has also come out of the One Bite Pizza Reviews frozen pizza editions. In one of the first episodes, El Pres’s address was somehow discovered by an eagle-eyed viewer, and this spawned a whole slew of viewers to begin sending El Pres gifts to his apartment. It started with a few gifts arriving each day, and El Pres would open them during a One Bite Pizza Review, but a couple of days in he was absolutely drowned in boxes and he had to convert the unboxing’s to its own show that he runs on Instagram Live, and these unboxing shows run for around 3-4 hours each. 

Through these unboxing’s people have helped El Pres out by sending him things he was missing out on like a pizza oven, a pizza cutter, and gloves so he can attempt to use said pizza cutter safely. But there is also a bunch of obscure items that have been a ton of fun to see Pres unbox. These items include weed brownies, sex toys, melee weapons, and he even had a stripper sent to his door in these quarantine times. 

One Bite Pizza reviews are something I can’t recommend enough, and I suggest that everyone goes out and uses them as a way to occupy their time during this pandemic. I’m sure pizza is already many of our favorite foods, but I believe this series has the ability to bring that to a whole new level, and there is a lot to learn about the art of making pizza along the way. 

What is your favorite episode of One Bite Pizza Reviews? Let us know in the comments below!

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