Why NYC Street Style Fashion Will Set You Free

Whether you are in the streets or scrolling down your Instagram feed, NYC street style fashion never seems to sleep. NYC is always moving; their street style is no exception. One thing we can all relate too is the universal influence fashion has on us. Whether it is to be creative, or simply practical. We all follow trends, but it is so important to stay true to our style. NYC street style reflects the hustle and bustle but also those who love creative artistry. While in the city, the styles will vary. You may question if it is summer, winter or fall. But honestly, that is the beauty of NYC. People do not always care about the season or time of day; they just wear what feels right to them. It is important to find freedom within your clothes.

The culture trip breaks it down on the mantras our fellow New Yorkers follow when it comes to fashion.

1. Style has no limits, so do what you want

Although playing it safe may be easy, it is not fun. Having fun with your style whether that means trying new pieces, changing up your makeup or hair is a great way to figure out what you like and dislike. I think we can agree, NYC street style fashion is something that makes us turn our heads. Sometimes we see people and we think “what the heck are they wearing” whether that be a good thing or not. However, whether you love it or not, that person has no limits. They have decorated their bodies in a way that identifies best with them.

2. Style does not wait for special occasions

I think we can all relate to this. Us college students usually live our Monday-Thursday in leggings and a university sweatshirt. When Friday night comes, we look like a completely different person. New Yorker’s do not care if it is Monday morning or Saturday night, they always show up looking incredible. Do not just shop for occasions but develop your style. Dress to impress…to impress yourself! Because that is really what matters most.

3. Style can be boring when you only stick to trends

Trends are created to follow. While there is nothing wrong with that, taking trendy pieces and making it your own is a great way to establish your style. We are influenced every single day by trends, it is up to us to use these trends to our advantage. Take something trendy and mix it with something vintage or political. New York’s are known for their fire street style that involves combinations of both.


There are so many fascinating outlets where NYC street style fashion has been shown. You tuber’s like KarenBritChick has become known for running around interviewing New Yorkers on their style. Not only does she talk to them about their clothes, but she also gets in touch with their creative sides. You can tell fashion to New Yorker’s is not just clothing, it is deeper than that. It is a lifestyle. Style is about expressing who you are, what makes you feel comfortable and what reflects you.

NYC looks showcases various forms of NYC street style fashion.

Parker was going for a trendy but futuristic look. Rocking his stunning blue Prada puffer jacket. Parker catches your eye. Details are important to him. We love how he made blue the statement color but threw in a hint of lime with that blazer underneath. As we know, animal print is in. Parker is trendy.

set free fashion

Marley is that cool girl, we all want to be. Well, we can! She is rocking this fur coat but keeping it cool with Burberry print. We like how she keeps it neutral from head to toe but still makes a big statement, Peep the go-go boots. We see you girl!


NYC fashion sets you free

Bohemian goddess meets the vintage queen. This looks makes you take a second look. Alex is rocking a vintage bustier with her Jeffrey Campbell boots. She says she is inspired by textures and colors. We love how she paired the different textures between the jacket and skirt. Not to mention the pin curl clips in her hair. Every inch of her body, there is something new. Mixing dressy with casual, and it works. It works!

NYC fashion sets you free

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Camilla is rocking a vintage dress from Portobello Market in London. We love how she took this pretty in a pink dress and paired it with Nike socks and Yeezy’s. She says she gets a lot of her inspiration from NYC street style fashion. She enjoys finding cool ways to put new things together. We think you did a great job, Camilla!

NYC fashion sets you free

Jessica stood out to us on NYC looks Instagram page. At the end of her statement, she said, “I think personal style is a daily practice in the art of self-expression, and I believe very much in the power and importance of creativity” Not only do we love her outfit, but we love her message.

NYC fashion sets you free


Jessica said it, and so will we. Style is personal. Allow yourself to get personal with yourself. Experiment with yourself. Find new ways to discover who you are. Whether that be through art or something like cooking. Following trends is inevitable, with social media serving us crazy looks how could we not love them. New Yorker’s showed us best, trendy is cool but still be you. Be fun, be sexy, be bohemian, be edgy. Be whatever works for you. Turn heads, do what feels right for you. Some may not agree with it but remember some of the biggest designers and fashion icons are huge because people told them no. We hope you were able to feel inspired by this piece but also inspired to add your personal touches to your wardrobe.

Remember, it is okay to be different; it is okay to be weird; it is okay to have your version of the style. Allow your fashion to set you free.

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