Why Not Joining a Sorority Was The Right Choice For Me

With my sophomore year of college beginning to take shape I start to hear all about the girls who have moved out of the dorms and into their designated sorority house or even moving rooms to be placed with their fellow sisters. I won’t be among them, but that’s perfectly OK. There are several reasons why not joining a sorority was the right choice for me.

I was raised without taking the option of joining a sorority into consideration.

I was raised on the west coast where sororities don’t seem to hold the same dramatic effect as they do on the eastern side of the states. That being so, I wasn’t raised to think about rushing or even take it into consideration.

Although, at times, I felt as if I was missing out, I never pursued joining a sorority.

I definitely watched my fair share of movies that portray Greek life as this extravaganza of parties and hooking up, something that of course appeals to any incoming college student if they want to be a part of that lifestyle. During the week at school that Greek Life decorated the strip near the dorms I felt this contorted feeling that I was missing out on an experience. Even though I felt that way I still never pursued looking into joining Greek life.


I feel that my time is better spent doing things I truly enjoy rather than at social events.

I don’t see myself ever joining a sorority, considering my idea of a weekend or brunch isn’t walking outside in heels that make me tower over my friends more than I already do or the fact that the fanciest thing I own is a blazer that I’ve worn on very few occasions all of which have all been at my internship this past year.

As for my heels I purposely left them on the opposite side of the country. I feel that my time is spent better by myself or at a job rather than at social events. The party scene can be fun, but I’d rather spend a night out screaming at a concert than in a crowded basement.

I do think there is an unfair stigma surrounding joining a sorority.

I don’t think that sororities get enough credit for what they do though. Unfortunately there is the stigma that all sorority girls are the same type of girl or maybe joining a specific sorority could jeopardize you because of the reputation it might have at another institution.

Each sorority is different and so is every member. The mandatory events that you must attend and the amount of pride that you have to show is enough to earn each member a round of applause. These organizations teach you to live with others (metaphorically and literally) that you may not exactly like, but they teach you skills and offer members opportunities that they may not get elsewhere. Plus there’s also that legacy thing that relates girls closer to their moms.


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Every sorority is different, so joining a sorority always means something different to everyone.

Each sorority stands by different morals and supports different things. They form lasting bonds and allow these girls to have a group of friends that support them while they all work together. Even though I chose not to rush a sorority and I don’t see myself within the lifestyle, I think that they still hold a large place in college life and without them the experience wouldn’t be the same.

I also don’t assume that sororities are all heels, dresses and makeup. We all know that college is not an easy thing to overcome and having a 7:30 class will wreck you and keep you make up free and in sweatpants every day of the week, until you are forced to leave them behind on your dorm floor in exchange for clothes that don’t make you look like the crypt keeper.

Just because joining a sorority is not my choice, it doesn’t mean it can’t be anyone else’s.

Even though joining Greek life isn’t my choice, that does not mean that it can’t be anyone else’s. You can still be a part of Greek life even if you don’t ‘fit’ the assumed lifestyle. Greek life at St. John’s isn’t all sororities and frats though. St. John’s is also home to service frats in order to keep the Vincentian missions alive.

It isn’t exactly joining or rushing, it’s just is a process of making you meet the volunteer hour requirements and pay a smaller less intimidating fee especially to those of us who are paying for their college out of their own pocket or on student loans. So if sororities aren’t for you, but you still want to be a part of Greek life you still have lots of options.

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Carissa Herb

Double major in communication arts and environmental studies, who plans on pursuing a career in journalism.

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