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Why Mug Cakes Should Be Next On Your To Try List

Why Mug Cakes Should Be Next On Your To Try List

Hmmm mug cakes, what are they? Are they for you?

First, a couple of questions for you to answer:

            Do you like sweet foods such as cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream and brownies?


            Do you have a sweet tooth?

            Are you a lover of all things sweet?

            Do you ever get a sweet craving at 3pm? Need an afternoon pick me up?


If you respond a big yes to all these questions, mug cakes need to be next on your to try list. Mug cakes are a fairly new food phenomenon revolutionising the way we eat sweet. Mug cakes are the perfect food to satisfy your cravings. Often, you can make mug cakes with the ingredients and tools already in your kitchen. Here are four key reasons why mug cakes should be next on your to try list.  

1. Mug cakes are quick and easy

To make mug cakes, all you need is a few ingredients, a microwave, a mug and a couple of utensils. Mug cakes take less than 5 minutes to make and less than 5 minutes to cook. In comparison, making a serve of brownies, cookies or a cake can take sometimes almost an hour an all up! Mug cakes will be ready before you know it. The mug cake recipes on the internet are straightforward. No need to having read the recipe multiple times and risk failure! Also, there is hardly any washing up to do! A mug and a couple of utensils!

Handy tip: When cooking the mug cake in the microwave, put a plate below the mug in case the batter overflows!


2. Mug cake recipes are easy to access

The internet is a beautiful thing. Simply by typing mug cake recipes in the internet, you will be able to see thousands and thousands of recipes. From recipes from well known food websites such as taste, to many recipes tried, created and tested by food bloggers. You have the option to choose the recipe that looks most appealing to you.

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3. Mug cake flavours are endless

The mug cake flavours on the internet are endless. These flavours cater to everyone, from those will allergies to those who don’t like certain flavours. On the internet, you will find the staple recipes of chocolate and vanilla. From there, there are many other flavours including peanut butter, honey and lemon. Also, there are recipes without egg, without milk and for those who are gluten free. There are so many options for your next mug cake, why not try it!

4. Mug cakes recipes are not strict

With many sweet food recipes, you often should stick to the recipe for the finished product to either work, or taste delicious. For mug cakes, you don’t need to stick strictly to the recipe. You can add and change the recipe as much as you want! Let’s say you want to make a gooey chocolate mug cake. You can add as much chocolate as you want! It is only dependent on your craving for chocolate on the day!


Once you finish making the mug cakes, you can add whatever you want onto your mug cake. Feel like ice cream? Maybe to cut through the oozing chocolate? You can add as much ice cream as you want! Maybe you want cream? Or some sprinkles? You can add the whole container! Mug cakes give you so much freedom, you can choose how you want to eat it!

Mug cakes are easy and quick. There are so many options you can choose from. Before you know it, you can have a mug cake right in front of you! Make sure mug cakes are on your next to try list. Let us know whether you have tried mug cakes! Share with us in the comments below!

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