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Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex: Revealed

Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex: Revealed

Recent studies have shown that millennials are having less sex per week on average than their predecessors.

In an age where numerous forms of contraception are readily available and it’s seemingly never been easier to find a SO, millennials are still surprisingly not getting it on as much as you might think.

Here’s our breakdown on exactly why this phenomenon is occurring.

1. Opportunities

Firstly, millennials have far more opportunities available to them in the modern era, distracting them from the need to find a SO.

Unlike their predecessors, millennials have the opportunity to travel more, to study more and to simultaneously work part-time.

Add to this the opportunity to play a range of different sports, compete in new events, learn other languages, etc. These opportunities have increased dramatically since the turn of the century.

In lacking these opportunities, predecessors ultimately had more time on their hands which they could spend with their partners or in pursuing a partner, an ambition that in itself millennials can afford to sideline in exchange for such opportunities.

Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex: Revealed

2. Social Lives 

Millennials have are far busier social lives in modern society meaning they have less time on their hands.

With so much going on in the life of a typical millennial, there is inevitably less time to be spent with a SO or in the pursuit of one.

Most millennials have a wider network of friends who they may have met through such opportunities noted above and as a result can spend more time with their friends and less time searching for a partner, who is no longer essential to fill a social void.

Whilst it has become far easier to find a match through social media and apps like tinder, it’s no longer a necessity to find a long-term SO.

For those who do have SO, chances are you’ll end up spending less time with them, and so even though it would have taken non-millennials far longer to find a SO, they would still end up having more sex once they were together as they didn’t have the task of juggling a burgeoning social life unlike millennials.

3. Social Media

Those reasons were macro-level, now let’s get into why millennials are having less sex but on a more micro-level.

With so much entertainment available at our fingertips like social media, sex is no longer the only option when you and your SO are alone together.

Couples are no longer alone when they’re in a room together, they’re always connected to a greater network of people through social media, constantly connected to what’s going on beyond the bedroom walls.

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Scrawling endlessly through, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can unfortunately act as a major distraction from sex where predecessors would have only otherwise had each-other, no news feed to check, no digital posts to share and no popular TV series to binge on-demand, just them, and so the result was often the same.

Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex: Revealed

4. Later Marriage

In tandem with these ideas of opportunity and social life, getting married, owning a house and starting a family, are no longer the first port-of-call for millennials entering adult life.

It is now far more commonplace to wait for marriage and to pursue adventure or a career with scalability first, meaning marriages typically occur later and therefore there are less young couples regularly having sex.

5.  Sex Toys

Toys have revolutionized sex to the point where its no longer essential to have a partner to have intercourse with.

Now, technology can be the answer to pleasure in ways that can act as a substitute for a partner unlike the times of predecessors, which may have had an influence on declining sex rates.

Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex: Revealed

What do you think about the reasons why millennials are having less sex? Let us know below!

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