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Why Metallic Makeup Is All The Rage In 2020

Why Metallic Makeup Is All The Rage In 2020

In 2018 and 2019, metallic makeup has had its ups and downs with beauty enthusiasts around the globe. It is normally the type of makeup you would be wearing on nights out in town and perhaps on New Year’s Eve. Now, it has made a comeback and believably will stay for the new year 2020. Metallic makeup, also known as chrome, works whether you have the lightest shade of skin tone, or are born with the darkest shade. If you search the internet for metallic makeup, you may find words similar to it would appear such as chrome, glitter, holo, and highlighter. Metallic makeup was, in fact, inspiring such inquiries because of the statement people have been pushing buttons for. Makeup must be beautiful and seamless for all styles and looks to work.

Using Metallic Makeup As a Beginner

Metallic is the glitter-free shiny version of basic eyeshadows and eyeliner. You will make a bold choice and impression if worn throughout the year. Choose the correct tones of color that will compliment your skin’s complexion in order to look your best. If you are a beginner, start by using a metallic eye shadow. This is such a simple and fun look to pull off no matter the occasion. Notably, shades are silver or gold. Pick the color that will compliment your eye color or skin tone.

Nearly Any Brand Sells Metallic Makeup

Whether you choose the eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlighter, or lipstick with metallic tints, you are sure to rock the look because it can mix and match however you lay it out. Metallic makeup is chic and sexy all at once. Recognizable brands such as Dior and L’Oreal Paris already has everyone covered with metallic makeup so you won’t have to splurge on higher-end products for the look. Metallic eyeliners and eye shadows work their way into the eyelids, awakening the skin. If you want to show off your favorite colors with a twist, go with that.


Even Lady Gaga Wears Metallic Makeup 

For the more expensive brands, currently, brands such as Makeup Forever, Too Faced, and even Rihanna, are showcasing metallic and chrome makeup sets.  Try out the Fenty Beauty metallic powder set or the Tarte Metallic Shadow. Think of metallic makeup as a more emphasized highlighter powder. Makeup is all about expressing and revealing your bold and fierce side, even when touching up with the basic shades. If you have been following singer/songwriter Lady Gaga, it seems as though the Mother Monster will catch up with the crazy releasing her Haus Laboratories beauty lineup.

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Metallic Makeup Is Always Trending

With all the how-to videos and trending makeup looks, metallic makeup will surely stay on the shelves and sell out in 2020 because of how it can be transformative. When you find yourself looking at the mirror and you notice that your dull brown eye shadow isn’t matching your mood, you can add a little metallic eyeshadow to exaggerate the look and perhaps lift your spirit. For two consecutive years, metallic makeup has received nothing but interests from makeup testers, beauty bloggers, and A-list celebrities. Everyone wants to try something new. Nearly every beauty company has some type of metallic makeup product in stock.


More Companies Become Interested

Profoundly, trends have navigated interests toward holo and chrome shades in makeup which people couldn’t wait to get their hands on. This wouldn’t have begun without the interest in metallic makeup. The meter of fascination toward shiny, outwardly makeup has been increasing. You can find metallic tints in lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more. The list continues to grow and more beauty goers buy it as it trends. There should be no shame in wanting a little spark and shine to your everyday makeup look. 

Have you tried metallic makeup? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below!

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