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Why Mastering a Fitness Routine as a Beginner is so Difficult

Why Mastering A Fitness Routine As A Beginner Is So Difficult

Working out in the first place is a significant accomplishment, now we must add a fitness routine on top of that. As a beginner, one of the hardest things to do is to implement a fitness routine that’ll work best for our daily lives, but what if that does not work?

Social Media [Society] has integrated into us that caring for your health is one of the best things a human can do, while that’s true. Sometimes that does not feel like the reason we need it. In an ever-changing society, too much information is thrown at us, and while some can keep up, others can’t. Creating a fitness routine is truly all about you and being able to create an enjoyable relationship–one that’ll stay for the long haul.

1. Finding Your Why

Napoleon Hill once said, “There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

Understanding the reasoning behind implementing a new habit. This could be, having more energy while at work, improving bone movement and blood flow, or deciding that you no longer associate with your physique. The list could go on. But, those are a few, and being able to recognize ‘why’ creates purpose, passion, and a force to move forward.

2. Start On The Weekends

Who said that you had to wait till Monday to begin working out? Start by Blocking out 30 minutes of your time on a Saturday morning, afternoon, or evening. And make this a habit every weekend till you build momentum. Set a reminder in case you forget. Write it on your mirror, closet door, fridge, and even your phone; use it as wallpaper. Words of affirmation are a great way to increase motivation whenever you fall short.

These are my favorite full-body exercises that I’ve implemented in my fitness routine: 3 Minutes of Jumping Jacks. 5 x 2 push-ups, 5 x 3 cycle crunches, 3 x 2 tricep presses.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated through each rep.

3. Sticking To 4-5 Simple Exercises

As a beginner, we tend to implement too many advanced exercises that are hard to execute. Nonetheless, you give yourself a try because why shouldn’t you? This has been one of my reasons for stopping going to the gym. While I want to see what I’m capable of, I can’t forget that I’m still at the very early age of building a routine and creating strength. While I have learned this the hard way, sticking to a routine of 4-5 simple exercises will not only you able to execute them, but you’ll increase strength, discipline, and stamina.

There are vast virtual classes that offer beginner lessons, where they’ll take you through each step of the workout foundation. These types of instructors tend to be more self-paced, and in-house instructors will always guide you when a movement has been done in the incorrect form.

Reminder: each person shows signs of improvement in various ways; count yours as one too. Don’t measure yourself to someone else’s progress. And remember that patience is the best treasure of all.

4. Gear — Gym Equipment

As beginner workout tools are another way of building strength, and if you are still self-conscious or maybe you don’t quite sure understand gym equipment and how they work, these types of gear will make sure your body is moving all the muscles while doing it at the comfort of your home or a park nearby.

See Also

Dumbbell Set

Dumbells are structured and are primarily used for a variety of different exercises. What I mostly love about them is that you can gradually work your way up to heavier weights. Dumbells don’t take up too much space and can be stored in a corner.

Resistance Tubes

A versatile piece for an at-home workout. It can be attached to your door frame; you can step on the middle of the band to secure it, hold onto the handles and sling the band around your back for a sound push-up position. This equipment allows you to move between rooms and do ample exercise without the need for additional weights.

Stability Ball

Improving your balance and posture alignment is everyone’s dream. Stability balls strengthen your core and are the perfect equipment to enhance core movement while bringing a fun set without having to second guess.

Jump Rope

Looking to get in good cardio, jumping the rope has many benefits, from protecting your heart, improving blood flow, and keeping you healthy in general. This exercise can bring childlike memories as it is one of the first we are introduced at gym class. Nonetheless, this exercise can also be archived by using the strength of your body and your arms to keep you balanced.

Pull Up Handles

This type of exercise can be intimating. And if you have constant back pain, incorporating pull-ups into your fitness routine will support and protect your spinal column. Do you keep asking others to open jars, or do you have to keep making multiple trips to get your groceries bags? Well, not anymore; Incorporating this exercise into your routine will improve your grip strength.

5. Make It Fun

Creating a fitness routine by yourself can be intimating. But also rewarding. You get to appreciate your limits.  As we are in the early ages of building what a routine feels like, pivoting to other forms of bringing movement to your body. As we are still in the early stages of breaking up with what feels like a daily chore, taking yourself on hikes, bringing your dog or a friend along for a 45-minute walk, taking a dance class (and no I’m not talking just about Zumba), and implementing yoga in the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, making your fitness routine as fun as possible can increase the chances of creating a more significant relationship — One you don’t break away from. And if you do, go back to the first step – Finding Your Why.
Darlenny Pinales

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