Why Make-Up Sex Is The Best Sex

There's so many reasons why make-up sex is the best, and we are here to tell you why! So sit back, listen up, and forgive your SO if he's done you dirty.

“Are we through with this yet? OK. Come here, give me a kiss. Lets make up.” Ever get into a mix up with your S.O. and get over it right away? Then tear the sheets right off after? Well, you’re not special, it’s your adrenaline and dopamine levels rising. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is thought to assist in the control of sexual behaviors. A conversion between our neurological system and our nigrostriatal pathway that controls motor skills. Ok, we’re not really going to get scientific about this. I just wanted to put that out there. This study has been on for years and we’re still unsure about the process of makeup sex.

Gif Of Real Housewife Speaking With The Caption "...And Then We Have Really Good Make-Up Sex

But what I can say about make-up sex after an argument is that it’s either a good way to build security that you two can make it through tough times, or, it’s a sure way to influence reoccurring issues in a relationship. It’s up to you to judge. Are you sleeping with someone you’ve always got a problem with and the problems only go away during sex? Then you might be having the wrong kind of make-up sex. In that sense, the person can just be sleeping with you to keep you at a peaceful level and oblivious to all the real aspects of the relationship. You don’t want to have sex with someone and regret it right after. That’s not make-up sex, that’s a mistake. Once you get this sorted we can talk.Gif of Someone Lying Down Hiding Their Face In Shame With The "Caption Don't Look At Me"

Keeping On Strong

If you truly love/like each other and want to make it work, then you’re having the right kind of make-up sex. Not only are you getting that good, extra passionate hook up. You know, that The Notebook type of love. You’re letting each other know:  Nothing. Can. Stop. Us. As a couple you’re bound to go through loads of drama, because, lets face it, no relationship is perfect. If you can get past the drama and learn from it, and better yet love each other up after it, you’re going to make it far!

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Anger As A (Safe) Motive

Yes, anger is a motive for sex. Might seem a bit creepy to some, but think about it this way. Two reasons why we can be angry with our S.O. are we either really dislike them; in which case sex would likely NOT be an option, or, we really care about them and want the relationship to work out. So, we’re expressing our differences in an aggressive and frustrated way (a whole other topic), and are incapable of controlling our emotions. What are some things you’ve fought over, excluding cheating? Maybe they checked out another guy or girl, or maybe spent some money that was reserved for something important and now you’ve got to figure it out. In these cases these are considerably minor issues that can be easily resolved and overcome. But also are ones that can really piss you off, but in an annoying and nagging sort of way; and you don’t want them to be the downfall of what you believe is an awesome relationship. You’re mad, because you care. These are just some examples, however. You’ve got to determine the depth of your issues and if they’re minuscule or if they’re deal breakers. If you’re anger truly is because you love/like them and don’t want to have problems, then grabbing a hold of them and putting it on them like you never wanna fight again…is a good way to go.Gif Of Amy And Bradley With The Caption "Lets Just Have Angry Sex Right Now! Okay? Just Treat Me Like A Hussy! Throw Me On This Picnic Table And Let's Have Passionate Make Up Sex, Right Now!"

See Also

Speaking of grabbing a hold of, angry sex (a slight form of BDSM) can be a good experience if both parties are comfortable. If you’re on your Anna and Christian Grey then a little roughing up might seem like fun. Again. Adrenaline.

50 Shades Of Grey Sex Scene

Make-up sex is amazing because you’re exploring levels of sexuality you might not have known existed. Spanking. Being shoved onto a bed. All that high powered sexually active Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On I’m in my feelings let have make-up sex type of energy.
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