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Why Lizzo Is The Artist To Root For This Year

Why Lizzo Is The Artist To Root For This Year

I just took a DNA test turns out Lizzo is the artist that is making her mark in 2020. Just a few weeks ago millions watched as Lizzo dominated the stage belting out her popular singles, “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell” at the Grammy Awards. With 8 Nominations, Lizzo walked away that night with three Grammys for Best Pop Solo Performance, Best R& B Performance, and Best Urban Contemporary Album of the year.

Lizzo is not just an artist, rapper, and flutist. Born Melissa Viviane Jefferson, this Detroit native is an advocate for self-love. Achieving her level of confidence was not an easy road. Embracing self-love doesn’t mean she feels good as hell all of the time. Lizzo has been candid about her journey in many interviews. In one interview with Elle magazine, Lizzo stated, “My songs feel happy, but they come from a sad or frustrated place. My songs are always the silver lining or the ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ moments.”

Lizzo is already a force and will continue to make an even greater impact in the years to come. Here are just a few ways Lizzo has already changed the music sphere and will continue to impact and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Relatable Lyrics

You don’t have to worry about Lizzo holding back herself in her music. This storyteller bares it all in her songs. Part of her process of dealing with the trials of life is writing it out in song and creating upbeat ‘been there, felt that’ lyrics that help others to see the situation is just part of the journey, not the destination.  Lyrics like:

‘If he don’t love you anymore
Just walk your fine ass out the door’

or this one:

‘I mean who would wanna hide this?
I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be your side chick
I put the sing in single
Ain’t worried ’bout a ring on my finger’

If you ever been through a breakup you know the pain that comes with moving on. I’m sure Lizzo has cried many tears during a heartbreak, as well all have. She just helps us to get back up, dry our eyes, and reminds us life’s too short to stay broken over someone who didn’t see your worth. Lizzo commands us to see it in ourselves. That’s the type of music we need more of!

Why Lizzo Is The Artist To Root For This Year

Persistence is key

Lizzo is the definition of a best friend. Loyal, funny, and will always encourage you to love yourself!  Lizzo’s life hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. It just so happens that she dropped out of college in her junior year once her dad got sick.

At 21, after the death of her father, she lived out of her car for a year as she tried to make it into the music industry. Several girl groups and a collaboration with Prince later, Lizzo finally made her big break and has been topping charts since. But there were moments along the way where she questioned her purpose and almost quit music altogether.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, the cover star shared she almost quit music the day she released her No. 1 billboard hit single, “Truth Hurts” in 2017. Luckily for us, Lizzo didn’t give up and her hard work is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

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Inspires you to live your life to the full

Nothing is more inspiring than a person who is fully embracing their God-given talents. For 10 years, Lizzo has been pursuing music. She knew from a young age what she wanted to do with her life and she’s been working toward it. Even with her hard work ethic, Lizzo seeks to enjoy life. To easily on the road to success, do we forgot to stop and smell the roses. Lizzo reminds us all that while dreams and ambitions are good if you’re not having fun while doing it, what’s the point?

While performing at award shows or on late-night talk show episodes, she always brings the fire, passion, and creativity to her performances.

Why Lizzo Is The Artist To Root For This Year

Doesn’t take herself too seriously

Lizzo is not afraid to be wild and totally free. Her recent stunt a couple of months ago at a Laker’s game is evident enough. She was dressed in a black tee shirt dress, fishnet stockings, and booties. From the front, she looked completely normal. It wasn’t until she got up from her seat and started dancing that audience members really got a show.

You don’t have to be as daring as Lizzo and show off your butt to millions, but it’s okay to have fun and cut loose. If people’s opinions of you matter that much to you, you are fighting a losing battle. Don’t shy away from being your fun, goofy self. There will always be haters. Don’t let them stop your grind or shine, ”cause you a star, you can touch the sky!’

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Stands up for body positivity

Growing up Lizzo did not see people who looked like her in the media. She was bombarded with images of skinny, Caucasian women reinforcing the idea that she had no place in society.  The lack of representation really affected her mental health. Today, Lizzo is not just a celebrity but an inspiration to marginalized individuals. It’s such a relief and a refreshment to see someone like Lizzo so unapologetic about who they are, weight and all.

There have been a few who tried to bring her down. A commentator at CNN tried to body shame Lizzo. He claimed that Lizzo’s fame is the result of an obesity epidemic in America. This is her response:

“I’m popular because I write good songs and I’m talented and perform high energy hour and a half shows filled with love.

The only person who needs to do better is you.

Keep my name out ya mouth & look in the mirror before you come for me.

Here’s the attention you ordered!”

Why Lizzo Is The Artist To Root For This Year

We can’t wait to see what Lizzo does next!

Have any favorite Lizzo moments or song lyrics that make you want to get up and conquer the world? Share them below!

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