Why JMU Snow Days Are The Best


‘Twas the Night before Snowfall

‘Twas the night before snowfall and all through the ‘burg
Not a student was sober not even a nerd
The students were sitting by their phones with care
Hoping President Alger would soon be there
The ABC stores were closing at nine
So we waiting ’til then to hear the phone chime
With visions of Brunett’s and snow on the ground
Not a single person was found with a frown
We settled our heads for a long college nap
But were soon awaken to a loud clap
We spring from our beds to see what’s the matter
Outside the window you see students chatter
We throw on our boots and our long winter jacket
And join our favorite drinking fanatic
The quad was busy with the new fallen snow
As students were playing all down below
When what to our wondering eyes should appear
A drunk college freshman on the snowy frontier
With a kick in their step and a smile on their face
They are willing to go anywhere, anyplace
They whistle and shout calling each other by name
Now Danny, now Debby, now Patty, and Vickie
Come on Carly and Chelsea and Drew and Becky!
To the top of the porch! To the top of the walls!
We dash away, dash away, dash away all!
As we try to warm up in a little Forest house
To avoid Muhammad and the police powerhouse
Once all the bottles are emptied with care
We decide to trek back in the cold air
Our clothes are all tarnished with beer and soot
We end up walking all the way by foot
Our eyes as they twinkle, our dimples how merry
Our cheeks are like roses, our nose like a cherry
E-hall is packed with drunk college students
Grabbing food with their hands and acting all ruthless
Once E-hall is food-less and the students are dead
We call an uber to take us back to our beds
As we lay there with dreams running through our heads
We hope the Virginians can’t deal with the snow
So we can do it all over again tomorrow!

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