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Why It’s Okay To Not Know What To Do With Your Life

Why It’s Okay To Not Know What To Do With Your Life

Why It's Okay To Not Know What To Do With Your Life

Being at that age where you’re meant to be an Adult is tough. There’s a huge amount of expectations that you should have a place of your own, you should have a career planned out, and you should be settled down and ready to get married and have kids any day now. This isn’t reality though, and it can take a while to figure out what you want to do, and that’s okay! No one tells you that it’s okay to not know what it is you want.

Here’s the thing: the economy is a mess so jobs are hard to come by

There’s barely any property you can afford to buy or even rent because most of the good places are taken or are too expensive, and it’s hard to find a balance between having a social life and spending money on things you enjoy and saving for the future. These are circumstances which are hard to work with and navigate when everything is so uncertain.

We’re pushed by our family and our schools to choose what we want to do from a really young age

So we can immediately study this in university or college and then get work experience and basically power on through with this career goal in mind. What about those of us who didn’t know what we wanted to do for a career though? Some of us ended up in university or college with a huge tuition loan or limited free tuition studying something that we thought was interesting but had no idea how to turn it into a career. Others knew exactly what they wanted to do, which is great, but it means that they’re kind of trapped on that career path that they decided at the age of sixteen.


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This is why it’s okay if you’re confused or stressed because you haven’t got it together yet.

If you didn’t go to higher education, then great! That option is there and you can worry about the student loan a lot later than everyone else, and you have a greater understanding on how the world is, which a lot of us miss out on because we jumped from school to university. If you went to university and still haven’t got this ideal life together, that’s also all right. These things take time and you may not utilise your degree, but tons of work places ask that you have a degree and that’s it, nothing too specific.

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It’s hard when you’re exposed to your friends doing all these things with their life and you feel like you’re stranded or the odd one out.

That’s understandable because expectations pile on you and make you feel pretty bad. Let this article be a cushion for you: it’s okay if you are unsure about the future. It’s okay you don’t live alone or with your partner for life. It’s okay if you’re stuck doing bar work or retail or jobs that are seen as not as good as being a software developer or a lawyer or even studying further by doing a postgraduate.


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There’s going to be a point where the people who have it all together will suddenly panic because they feel stuck too. Their idyllic life probably isn’t that idyllic, no job is easy and it’s rare a job is fun, and mortgages are goddamn scary: first you save up a huge amount of amount and then you need to keep paying more money? That’s just overwhelming.

Life takes time. You have a huge number of years ahead of you and you shouldn’t live so you feel like less of a failure in the eyes of others. Give yourself a break, take as long as you need to figure it all out.

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