Why It’s Okay To Not Drink Or Smoke In College

Making the choice to not drink or smoke in college can be a difficult one. But just know that it's okay to decide not to! Here's why.

During your college years it is almost impossible to say that you will never be around alcohol or smoking. People will be drinking and smoking in dorms, parties, even during casual hangouts, but just because they do doesn’t mean you have to. This is why its okay to not drink or smoke in college.

You’re not going to be classified as the outcast.

Here is the truth about being in college, no one cares about what you do. In high school it was different. You had to see these people everyday for hours at a time. You sat with them in every class, and even had lunch with them. There were pressures that you might not have noticed yourself following, but you did. Copying clothing, mannerisms, and even the way people talked was just something you ended up doing. Each group was different, but if people were drinking or smoking odds were they asked if you wanted to.

Why It's Okay To Not Drink Or Smoke In College

Sometimes you felt like the odd man out when you said no, but knew deep down you didn’t want to.

Now, that you don’t have to fit into a group, you can be free to make choices that affect you. When you go to parties’ people will still ask you want a drink from the keg, or a quick dab but you can say no. Just because you utter that one-word no one is going to turn around, and label you a nerd. They will just nod and say cool, and that’s it. Not as bad as you thought right?

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You can still have fun with friends without being under the influence.

I cant be sure about all college campuses, but at Michigan State University student events are thrown all the time. Usually held at the student union residents on and off campus can go bowling on Wednesday nights, or sometimes even enjoy poetry slam night when it comes around. Look up on your school websites for events happening on campus chances are that your friends would be down to try it out. Also the best part about campus events is that they are free, and that’s a plus.

Why It's Okay To Not Drink Or Smoke In College

Even if campus events aren’t your thing, you can always plan other hangout options. Instead of spending the night at the bar fighting for drinks, have movie and pizza night in. With it being spooky season, why not gather up some friends and go to a haunted house? Your friends will probably be down to get away from campus for a while anyway.

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Being sober in college can be hard, but you are the only person who can say rather its your thing or not.

I wont pretend that being around drinking and smoking all the time can’t tempt people into wanting to do it too. Its normal to want to see what all the hype is about, and wanting to figure out if maybe it is something you can do. If you find yourself wanting to experiment, there isn’t anything wrong with that. Just know that if it really isn’t your thing your always welcome to not participate. No one is going to blame you in not wanting to do the same thing they are.

Why It's Okay To Not Drink Or Smoke In College

Sometimes I end up going months without drinking and that isn’t because I am heavily against it, just sometimes it can get boring. I will go out with my friends if I feel like it, and other days not because I don’t. That is the thing about college. No one is going to judge you for your own personal choices, if they do that just shows you they were never your friends.

Your college experience is your own, so enjoy it. Don’t let anyone hold you back.
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