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Why It’s Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day

Why It’s Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day

Why It's Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day
Often we only think we need to apply sunscreen when we are at the beach or spending an extended period of time in the sun. But this isn’t the case, we need to be applying sunscreen DAILY! This is why it’s important to apply sunscreen every single day, not just when we intend to spend most of the day outdoors.

There are different types of sun rays

Many of us believe that unless we’re sunburned we haven’t sustained any sun damage but there are many different types of sun rays that we can encounter when we are touched by the sun. This damage isn’t always visible! UV rays or ultra violet rays are what need to be considered. UVA rays are as strong in winter as they are in summer. The season doesn’t deter these rays from leaving lasting effects on our skin which we can’t see with our every day eye. These rays play a role in the development of cancers and ageing. It’s UVB rays which cause sunburn and both of these rays are damaging to our skin. The damage UVA rays cause is irreversible, it’s not as simple as a sunburn fading like many of us believe and that signifying that our skin has recovered and rejuvenated. It’s therefore important we apply sunscreen every day to protect ourselves from the sun damage these rays can cause.
Why It’s Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day

Cloudy days don’t protect you from sun damage

It’s not sunny out today so I won’t wear sunscreen.. WRONG! You need to wear sunscreen every day because cloud cover is possible to penetrate for the sun and clouds do not act as a protectant for our skin. While it may not be hot and we may not be able to feel the sun on our skin, the sun’s rays can certainly still find us. Wear sunscreen every day, especially when it is cloudy.
Why It’s Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day

Our age doesn’t influence our tolerance!

Whether you are old or young, you need to wear sunscreen everyday because your skin regardless of its age is still susceptible to sun damage. It’s important that we take our skins health seriously throughout our entire lives as our skin is our largest organ and we need to make sure we are protecting it when we are children and when we are much older. The sun doesn’t take our age into consideration when it touches us!
Why It’s Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day

To protect from disease like cancer

This is a big one! It’s important to wear sunscreen every day because skin cancer is a deadly disease and can’t start with something as simple as a freckle that’s sustained a sunburn. Cancer is an unforgivable disease and it is not something to be taken lightly. While you have it in your power, apply sunscreen and protect yourself before your senseless time in the sun unprotected becomes a health concern that could derail your life as you know it.
Why It’s Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day

To prevent premature ageing

Sunscreen has been shown to help prevent signs of premature ageing as sun damage rapidly makes us look older and wrinkles and discolours our skin! The more time we spend in the sun, even when that is in passing, the more likely we are to show that on our faces and on our skin. Sun spots are common in tropical climates like Australia and it is not just older women and men who develop this. Skin cancer and skin ageing is on the rise for young people and it’s something we all need to consider if we want to keep our skin in good shape and ourselves looking well!
Why It’s Important To Apply Sunscreen Every Damn Day

What products do you like to use to make sure you are wearing sunscreen everyday? Let us know in the comments below your favourites and how you make sure sun protection is a part of your daily routine!

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