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Why It Is Important To Surround Yourself With Strong Women

Why It Is Important To Surround Yourself With Strong Women

Why It Is Important To Surround Yourself With Strong Women

This is the year of the woman.  At least I think so. I was raised in a family of three girls with a lot of aunts and girl cousins.  I didn’t really grow up thinking I was not going to go as far in life because I was a girl. But I also made sure I have had a girl power force by my side.  From family, to friends to the least expected, I hope and trust that I have a group of strong women around me when I need it. And I hope to give that to my nieces AND nephews as they grow older.  This is why it is so important to surround yourself with strong women.

 Women Who Challenge you

When looking for your gang of girls, make sure you surround yourself with strong women who challenge you.  To be challenged keeps you at your best and your freshest. It makes you stronger mentally and physically. I don’t mean this in a competitive way.  This should be in a way where you feel focused and reassured that you are the strongest version of yourself.

Women Who Lift You Up

Make sure you have strong women around you who are going to lift you up.  Whether you are down or lest expecting the compliment. This will help you keep your confidence, stay your strongest and enjoy life to its fullest.  Make sure you return the favor as that is why we are here. To support each other and carry each other along.


Women Who Think Differently Than You

I definitely have people who I care for greatly that I absolutely don’t agree with.  Sometimes that makes things incredibly hard and I often don’t look forward to future meetings.  But there are times that I reflect on those moments where we don’t agree or we had very different things to say and it makes me a different person in a good way.  It makes me proud of my opinions and usually encourages me to think differently or keep an open mind in the future. Sometimes it makes me keep my mouth shut the next time but then, the time after that, I find plenty to say the speak my mind recognizing that both of our opinions matter. Strong women don’t mean enemy.

Women Who Encourage You To Try New Things

Trying new things can be hard.  Going new places, thinking different ways and understanding each other in new light. Book Clubs are great at exploring mindsets and opinions, women’s trips or retreats gives you a great insight to all that surrounds you. Trying new things doesn’t have to be scary. Finding strong women who are going to help you explore new things will help you grow as a person and a woman.

Women That You Can Be Yourself With

This one can sometimes be the hardest. I am myself the most of course with my family and then, of course, my friends. I think and try to be myself at work and I’m sure sometimes I am, but sometimes I find myself putting up a wall with my co-workers that I have known for 7 years.  And then sometimes they surprise me and say, “Oh I saw this and I thought of you” and they have hit the nail right on the head. So maybe my wall isn’t up all the time and that’s okay. I love getting to be myself and finding I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. It has taken me a long time to accept that and when you surround yourself with strong women, especially in the workplace.

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Women In Your Family

I come from a family of strong women.  I would hope in times of need I could turn to some of them for advice or help.  I have two sisters. Usually, I go to them first. But if I can’t turn to them, I look to an aunt or cousin for help. Each one has their specialty or reason you will go to them.  I always looked up to my sisters and tried so hard to be like them. It wasn’t until I was in my early 30’s that I realized I didn’t have to or want to be like them. The things that made them strong women were not the same things that made me. It was a hard thing to accept at first and took me a while to understand, but now I am glad they are who they are and help make me a stronger woman and person because we are different.

You know that saying by Ghandi:  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT IN THE WORLD.  As important as it is to surround yourself with supportive and strong women, it is also important to be that woman yourself.  With your family, friends, at work or to a stranger. Be a strong role model for young girls. Show your strengths when you go to the grocery store, or out and about.  When other women or young girls look at you. Let them take something away from your existence. Something powerful.


Who are strong women that you admire in your life? Tell us about them in the comments!

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