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Why I Will Wear Target’s Trophy Shirt Proudly

Why I Will Wear Target’s Trophy Shirt Proudly

In the last couple of weeks Target has taken so much heat and backlash from women and the media as a reaction to their trophy shirt. It’s a simple t-shirt that has the word ‘trophy’ written across the chest. Some see it as innocent, others see it as objectifying women.  I’ve begun to wonder: what woman has enough free time to spare that they can allow an inanimate object to control her emotions? I don’t and neither does any other woman I personally know.

Target Trophy Shirt

As a willful and stubborn young woman in 2015 America, I have to wonder, when did society get so overly sensitive that we choose to take offense to something so simple as a t-shirt? Especially one that has been sold in Target stores since the middle of June.


Controversey over Trophy Shirt

Me, being the feminist I am, take issue not with the shirt but with the women who have made it their personal mission to smear Target’s name. There are even petitions that women and groups have started to take the shirt off the shelves. One petition is saying that the shirt symbolizes and caters to sex trafficking. That is a huge issue all around the world, but taking the shirt off the shelves is not going to do anything for the victims of trafficking. If they really wanted to be active against the issue, they could instead use the shirt to petition for a better America and a better world. The shirt sets the stage: use it as the “face” of the petition and for every signature you get, also get a donation to go towards organizations that make it their mission to prevent trafficking.

Target tropy shirt petition


Poor petitioning decisions set aside, here are a couple of reasons why I WILL be wearing the “Trophy” shirt:  (Disclaimer: I would like to make it known that I am not supporting the idea of objectifying women, but I am happily embracing the idea of women being proud of who they are and what they do.)


I will be wearing the Trophy shirt because: I am a freaking trophy. Yes, a trophy is a prize, but I am a prize. I am my prize. I am a month away from my 19th birthday, I have an awesome apartment, am currently working 40 hours a week at a local law firm ( dropping down to only 30 once school starts), and on August 17th, I will also be a full-time college freshman. If I’m not at work, I’m reading or writing or in sweatpants on my couch with sweets and popcorn on a Netflix binge.


I am awesome

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I am blessed enough to have a huge family and friend circle, I absolutely dote on my nieces and nephews and my sweet, crazy dog Charlie. I look forward to and get really excited about date nights with my sweet boyfriend, and adore every single gift he gives me, big or small. I hardly ever work out, my laugh is far too loud, waking up in the morning is the realest struggle, and you probably won’t want to talk to me until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. I love my fast paced, crazy, b-e-a-U-ti-ful life. I am intelligent and independent and incredibly strong minded and in my book, that’s the definition of a trophy.

Wearing Trophy T-shirt

I am blessed beyond belief and if knowing that and knowing my own value makes me an object, then so be it. In my eyes, I am a wonderful, bright, and shiny trophy and if someone tried to convince me otherwise, I’d argue until my face was blue.


What do you think? Would you wear the shirt or do you believe it is objectifying women? Comment below!