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Why I Chose To Stay In My Hometown For School

There are plenty of places I could have gone to for school all over the world, but instead, I chose to stay in my hometown for school. University is a huge step towards adulthood in life and it’s a huge decision whether or not to stay home or go somewhere else. I really had to think about whether or not I wanted to move away from home, but in the end, sticking to my roots won. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. The culture in Montreal

Maybe if I had been from somewhere not as interesting as Montreal, I wouldn’t have chosen to stay in my hometown for school. But, Montreal is pretty fantastic. It’s one of the most diverse cities in Canada in terms of the population, and that’s definitely something to be proud of. Not to mention the delicious restaurants, history-filled buildings, and the strong French presence throughout the city.

2. The food!

If you’ve ever been to Montreal, you can definitely vouch for this. If you haven’t been, then you definitely need to visit to try it out. The food is honestly probably one of the main reasons I chose to stay in my hometown for school. There are so many fantastic restaurants to choose from in this city that it poses an issue to come to an agreement with friends on where to go sometimes. This place is definitely any foodie’s dream. From delicious sushi to authentic poutine and everything in between, we really do have it all.

3. The views

While it may not be as scenic and beautiful as some other cities throughout the world, the views in Montreal are still pretty fantastic. The old port has so much history within it and it’s one of the most gorgeous places to walk through on a nice summer night. If I hadn’t stayed in my hometown for school, I think I would definitely have missed the beauty of the city from time to time.

4. The nightlife

Montreal nightlife is honestly pretty great. There’s always something happening, and whether you prefer casual drinks at a bar, a nightclub, or any variety of in-betweens, Montreal really does have it all. It even has the added bonus of the drinking age being 18, for those of you who have to wait another few years to drink back home. The nightlife here is definitely a big contributor as to why I chose to stay in my hometown for school.

5. McGill

McGill was ranked one of the top schools in Canada this year (and quite a few years prior). It’s a world-renowned school with some super interesting classes and a very diverse student body. Plus, it has the added bonus of allowing me to stay close to my family and friends. Staying in my hometown for school at a great institution? Easy decision.

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6. The endless amount of activities to do

Honestly, I tend to take for granted the amount of things there are to do around me at all times. No matter the season, Montreal always has something to offer up. In the summer, all it takes is a quick trip down to the Old Port and you’re bombarded with things to do: Ride the ferris wheel, go pedal-boating, go zip-lining, admire the views on a terrasse, go to a museum, the possibilities truly are endless.

7. Hockey

While there’s a great hockey atmosphere in other cities, I’m naturally biased towards Montreal. The atmosphere in the Bell Centre is something you really have to experience in order to understand it. If there’s one thing Quebecers love as much as poutine and drinking, it’s definitely hockey. While we can get a little over-emotional when it comes to hockey sometimes, nothing beats the feeling of cheering “Olé” with all the other fans and watching the Habs win.

I hope this article made you think twice about all the reasons you could stay in your hometown for school. Comment down below some great aspects of your hometown!

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