Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business

Choosing to major in english versus business was a geat move for me personally, but maybe not for everyone. Check out why I chose English!

Choosing to major in English, people are always asking me why I didn’t choose to major in something more practical like business. What people fail to understand is that English is actually a very practical major. Nowadays, people equate profitable with practical. So if a major is practical, it has to automatically be profitable. However, English is just as practical a choice as business for a number of reasons. Here are just a few!

1. It is versatile.

Majoring in English does not mean that you have to go into a teaching career or a writing career. English majors are equipped with the skills to work in a myriad of fields including business, marketing, medicine, and law. Choosing to major in English opened doors  to different careers and if I ever choose to change my career path, my skill set will allow me to transition into another field without much of a struggle.Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business

2. You learn to write effectively.

As an English major, you spend about half of your time writing essays, response papers, and research papers. All of that writing experience comes in handy when applying to jobs across all fields. Being able to write effectively is an important skill in any discipline. Majoring in English and gaining this skill will prove beneficial in any career I choose to undertake.Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business


3. You learn to think critically.

Reading and analyzing novels helps you develop the ability to think critically. Learning to think critically is not only a professional skill, but also a life skill. Using critical thinking allows you to analyze problems and find solutions to them; it allows you to make connections; it also allows you to empathize with different people’s views and experiences. It is an important skill to have and one that I possess thanks to by decision to major in English.Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business

4.You learn to communicate effectively.

If you want to be successful in the world then learning to communicate effectively is key. Employers are always looking for people who can represent their companies and to do so they look for candidates that can express themselves clearly. After reading and writing for years in college, communicating–verbally or on paper– becomes second nature. Learning to communicate effectively will not only help you in the job market, but it will also help you in relationships in your everyday life by making you a more empathetic person.Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business

5. You learn to do effective research.

As an English major, you often are tasked with conducting research on various topics that relate to the novels you read. Learning to conduct effective research is a professional skill that employers often look for in new hires, especially with the rapidly changing market. Being able to conduct quick and effective research is one of the best skills you gain as an English major and one that is sure to pay off in the future.Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business

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6. It allows you to be creative.

Within the English major, there is a variety of branches including creative writing. Many English majors dabble in creative writing. Through this practice, we are able to express ourselves. We craft stories, write poetry, and give our imagination or experience free reign. By writing and sharing our work, we are able to connect with other people who relate to those experience. Writing is a creative outlet that we learn to use to connect with others.Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business

7. It teaches us empathy.

By teaching us how to communicate effectively, write effectively, and think critically, English ultimately teaches us to connect to the human experience. We learn to relate to people from different walks of life through writing. Being an empathetic person is something that benefits you in the long run. Being able to relate to people whether in the workplace or in your life will be rewarding and it will make you feel successful in life.Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business


8. It’s my passion!

The number one reason I chose to major in English is because it is something that I am passionate about learning. I have always loved reading and writing. By choosing to study something I was passionate about, I made my college experience more enjoyable. Learning about something you actually enjoy makes you a happier person. You gain knowledge about something you want to learn about. It is a win win for everyone!Why I Chose To Major in English And Not Business

What makes you think that you would want to major in English ? Tell us below!

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