5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Harvard University

There is are many different thoughts and rationale that go into choosing your college. Maybe your parents went there, maybe you’re the first in your family to go to college and you want to lay the framework. As for me, I chose Harvard University. I had no other college in mind and I set my mind to it from day one, think of me as the real-life Rory Gilmore. I even hail from Connecticut, except my town is real. Sorry Gilmore fans, Stars Hollow is a fictitious town. It’s not just AN Ivy League, it’s THE Ivy League.

1. It’s not just AN Ivy League, it’s THE Ivy League

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard of Harvard University. Its prestige is known throughout the entire world. I figured go big or go home. Plus, I’m pretty sure Hogwarts clothing and architecture is based on Harvard.

2. The Pride

Talk to any Harvard alumni, even if they are a dropout, like the lovely Matt Damon and they will tell you how proud they are to have gone. Alumni continue to wear their Harvard sweaters long after they are worn and faded, sometimes they even get passed on to the future generation, so they can continue the family tradition. And no matter how old you are or how long ago it was that you attended, you can be sure to see people all ages cheering the Crimson football team to beat Yale.

3. The Challenge

Let’s face it, college is hard work. Whether you go straight out of high school, take a year off, you are a parent now, or you went back for another degree it’s going to be a challenge. What makes you strong is rising to that challenge. Harvard has challenged me. I was a teenage mother and I couldn’t go to school right away. I had to take some time to raise my son, but that didn’t stop my dream. I decided that I was going to go to Harvard. I applied to go to the Extension school, for non-traditional students. It’s my responsibility to maintain a B average or higher. This is hard to do with all my other obligations, but I do it. Eventually, my son will see his mommy, a single mother walk across the stage at the Harvard commencement and then he will now that he can do anything.

4. The History

I am a major history buff, in fact, my concentration is History. It seemed only fitting that someone who loves everything ancient should attend America’s oldest institution of higher education. Sometimes, when I’m walking around, I think about all the people who have stepped through this threshold before me. John Adams, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Samuel Adams, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama, just to name a few.

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5. The Positivity

No one goes to college with the desire to fail; we’ve come with a purpose, that was to succeed, because if you succeed in college, you succeed in life. Your professors and classmates at Harvard are your biggest cheer leaders. They want you to do well, they want to see you graduate. It’s going to be hard and stressful, but it can be done and with the right mind set, you won’t fail.

Did you go to Harvard? Why did you love going there? Tell us in the comments!

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Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith is majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Creative Writing. In her free time, she enjoys running, hanging out with family friends, and roaming the world with her camera in hand.

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