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Why I Chose Community College Over A 4 Year College

Coming up into my senior year I had to deal with the hard decision we all must answer, what am I gonna do with my life? Sure we can all aim for the high and shiny life that is if we have the connections or resources to get there. But in all realness, it’s not always like that. I myself had to come to terms with the fact that I might not get a movie deal in high school, especially when I had no money to make one. Even now I’m still trying to get a taste of some of the dreams which I have, and I’m not saying to not go for it, what am I saying is to think practical and move from there. Basically, I realized I didn’t have NYU sort of money or even the grades for that matter.

1. Am I ready for college?

Am I ready for college? The biggest question I tell everyone to ask themselves when they ask me for advice about college is, “Am I ready for college?”  This is a real in-depth question, and many will say no. I don’t always agree with taking a year off but if you do, make sure you’re doing something productive. Don’t sit around all day and sleep! Work! Or if you’re like me and have an interest in film, make a short film or even a YouTube channel, or you could try community college. The reason I say this is due to the fact that a 4 year may feel more stressful, more of a commitment to make so soon. Whereas with community college there’s less of a hassle, and it’s cheap too. It’s easier to take your time and get your associates then if you go to a 4 year where you feel more rushed, or if you take off a semester you feel like you’re falling behind. Plus if your lucky like me your community college is only 5 minutes driving from your house, so you could just imagine how easy it was for me to chose my college.

2. Financial Situation

My financial aid covers everything, even my food, and books, so I don’t have to deal with loans and etc. I personally just feel like it was the best decision I made. It did take me a while to get my associates I will be honest with you guys, but that was due to complications with my financial aid, and the fact that I would only take 4 classes a semester in order to hold a job at the same time. But in the end, it was worth it. That’s another thing, when going to a 4-year college I feel like it can be hard to work at the same time, at least that’s what I’ve been told. I feel like when you go to a 4 year you definitely wanna fully invest yourself and join clubs and etc and with community college, you can do this, or you can go there and get the grades you need to go to the 4-year college you wanna go to. Plus scholarships only give you so much, and if you don’t get much financial aid or even any at all I’m sure a scholarship would cover most of the bill.

3. Going Away To College

I even have many friends who went away to 4-year colleges and ended up coming back a year later to finish up their degree at WCC. I know shocking right?! But not really, when you think about it. It can be hard to leave your whole life behind unless you can create a new one wherever you go. Plus it can feel overwhelming having roommates and trying to get work done, and your whole life is shaped around your school. It’s a big commitment that I know not everyone is ready to make. Here’s the other thing, it’s never too late to go away to college. If you’re not ready now you could be ready after one semester at a community college or even two.

4. Find out what you wanna study!!!

The main reason I like community college is that you can figure out what you want at one. Let’s say your major is undecided, then hands down you need to go to a community college. Don’t waste your time at a 4-year taking core classes if you can’t decide. Save your money at a community college and do that. Then when you’re 100% sure, even if it’s a year later after taking electives and etc. Go to a 4 year if you want, or finish out your associate’s degree at your community college and then transfer.

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5. Decision Time!!!

This may sound like a lot of pressure, but I’m trying to lift some of the weight of your shoulders by offering some insight. Basically, all you really need to know is, we’re not in high school anymore. We don’t have time to waste on mistakes we make in college, sure we have a small amount but, why delay ourselves from reaching our goals in life. You don’t wanna graduate when your 30 and say I made it. You could’ve graduated sooner than that. It’s not your fault if your not sure where you wanna go, or what you wanna do with your life, we all have those moments, but that’s why I chose community college, to give myself some time to figure it out, plus I didn’t feel like I was falling behind at all career-wise. Now I feel like I’m moving forward. Overall it’s up to you to make this choice. I hope that my story enlightened you and offered you a slight bit of wisdom on the reasons you should pick a community college. PS: Most of the successful adults I know went to a community college first and then transferred to a 4 year, just saying. Without further adieu, even if you don’t plan on going to college, apply to some anyways you never know you might just change your mind.

I hope I enlightened your thoughts for this tough decision. I look forward to hearing your choice in the comments and what you think is better “Community College” or “4-year college”?

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