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Why I Chose Art School For My Fashion Marketing Degree

Why I Chose Art School For My Fashion Marketing Degree

Why I Chose Art School For My Fashion Marketing Degree

As I’m getting ready to graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Fashion Retail Management and Marketing from The Art Institute, I’ve been asked several times why I chose a school like this to study marketing. Many tell me that I could have just went to a school for business, or marketing, or advertising, and just applied it to the fashion industry when I graduated, but I wanted to elaborate on the specific reasons I chose an art school for my fashion marketing degree.

Why I Chose Art School For My Fashion Marketing Degree

Style Of Teaching

Many business or marketing programs or any programs in that general area of study are going to be teaching you the same things in the same ways; lectures and paper exams. From what I saw when I was looking into them and from what I hear from people who attended them, you leave with an exceptional understanding of your field, you are usually very good with numbers and you can apply it to anything that you want. Like, upon graduation you can work in the retail industry, the food industry, the beauty industry, etc. Now, I know you’re probably thinking that that’s a good thing, an advantage actually, and I agree but only to an extent.

An art school was the choice for me because of how specific it was.

How specific I was able to get; how specific the classes were and how specific the projects and assignments were. I was able to take classes that involved every part of my industry, literally. I had to take color classes, drawing classes, accounting and business classes, visual display classes, I mean every single part of my program was designed for me to know everything I need to know about the one industry I love.

If I wanted to open a retail store, I would have the knowledge for every aspect of it.

How to find a building, how to set it up, what colors and furniture I should use. I could tell you exactly what garments to put in there, who to market too, how much those people make and what their hobbies are.

Why I Chose Art School For My Fashion Marketing Degree

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Another reason I chose an art school for my fashion degree was because when I graduate, I am ready to hit the ground running because I’ve had my whole time in undergrad to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve been able to ask questions that pertained to my actual company. I’ve done projects and assignments about my company and been able to get professional feedback and adjust accordingly. I was put into a capstone class, where I am able to focus on building my portfolio for 11 weeks straight and prepare to present it to industry professionals.

I have had actual hands on experience in setups, visual displays and runway shows, so it helped me mold my own dream into a more defined shape.

Why I Chose Art School For My Fashion Marketing Degree

I know exactly where I’m going now and the path that I have to take to get there, and that’s because I chose an art school. I got to see every side of my industry and decide which one fit me while being able to network with store owners and merchandisers due to class trips and events! But with all that being said, your love has to be for fashion and the retail industry, beauty industry, or something in that field to enjoy the program. In a regular marketing/advertising program you wouldn’t go into depth about some of the things we did, but if you do, hands on is the best form of training for people like us and an art school will provide that!

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