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Why Having A Normal Relationship Never Works

We’re all held to the expectation that eventually we have to commit ourselves to a normal relationship with another companion. Some argue, however, that it’s not necessary to conform with this standard set by society. Read this article why having a normal relationship never works perfectly.

Propositions of motives is normally incompatible

“Love at first sight” is a myth aimed to dress uncontrollable human desire. In the United States, such desires are short lived. Those that withstand the test of time are padded with perceptions of procreation and a need to fit in.

Search for a better life vs consumerism remain the forefront decision of old and young people alike, fatigued and submissive to demands of desire, and/or appease family. We are frustrated and fearful of being left behind in a dynamic globalization. These decisions reflect influences of the homogeneity, freedom to choose and opportunities of chance. So what’s the problem, exactly?

Why having a “normal” relationship never works

The costs today of going against social norms, anti-establishment, rebellious, and nonconformity is complacent toward the well-being of others. All rebels have a cause, nonconformists a goal whether it be corrupt, narcissistic endeavors or realize a vision. Acceptable deviance to step over the crowd, in the ‘rat race’ toward success has become a normal solution to keep from being run over. Achievement is measured in personal wealth and material possession, even at the costs of others.

The problem of seeing ‘eye-to-eye’ is a deliberate ploy, of each individual to self-fulfill wants. Compliance goes a long way to compensate for shortcomings, getting approval resulting in contempt for the other and/or those close by.

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Happiness, safety, and growth can, unfortunately, be bought for cash, usually at the price of one’s moral principles. “If it works don’t try to fix it (or) all is fair game in love and war” doesn’t mean a thing isn’t broken or unintended casualties are okay. People aren’t content with little or secure with everything.

There’s no such thing as a normal relationship because everything is acceptable, only consequences vary.

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