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Why Having A Big Heart Is A Good Thing

Why Having A Big Heart Is A Good Thing

Having a big heart is a good thing and will take you far in life. Not only does having a big heart result in good karma but will be rewarded through life.

Having a big heart can either be an amazing thing or a not so amazing thing.  You care too much, you love too hard, you forgive others when you shouldn’t…  But caring so much about people who you don’t even know is a beautiful thing that this world needs.

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She was having trouble putting groceries in her car…

About 2 years ago, I was taking a trip to Walmart to pick up a few things.  When I came back to get in my car, I noticed an older women parked in a handicap spot in the parking lot.  I began to drive away but at the last second I turned around and parked once again.  I noticed she was having a hard time getting her groceries into the trunk of her car.  She was wearing a hat that had blown away in the wind.  I jumped out of my car to retrieve her hat and ran it back over to her.  She thanked me and I asked if she needed help.  Of course she declined, but I insisted.  


I began placing her items into the trunk of her car and she thanked me once again.  I told her there was no reason to thank me, it’s just who I am.  I put her cart away and she explained how she isn’t from Charleston and she needed to find a CVS to pick up her son’s medication.  She further explained; her son had cancer and they were in Charleston in order for him to receive treatment at MUSC.  I told her I could drive her to the nearest CVS or she could follow my car.  She said she’d follow me.  

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The CVS was only 2 minutes away and we pulled into the parking lot and got out of our cars.  We walked back to the pharmacy and she explained to the pharmacist that she was picking up medicine for her son.  After several minutes of conversation, the pharmacist realized another CVS location had the medicine.  I offered to have the sweet lady follow me to the other CVS but she politely declined, saying she could get it tomorrow.


We walked back outside and she insisted we take a photo of each other to send to her daughter, who was also in Charleston.  We proceeded to take a “selfie” together and she sent it to her daughter.  She continued to thank me for being her angel and she said she would’ve never been able to find her way if I hadn’t of helped her.

She got back into her car and I asked if she knew how to get back to where she was staying, which was on the Isle of Palms.  I asked if I could put directions into her phone and she said that would be great.  I put the directions in and gave her phone back to her.  Once again, I offered to let her follow me to the house they were staying in.  She said once she got to the Isle of Palms Connector she knew where to go from there.

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I drove to the Isle of Palms Connector with her following me.  I made a U-turn at the intersection as she continued on.  We waved to each other and went on with our days.  I called my mom crying because my heart was so full of joy.  Helping others warms my heart and makes me so happy.  

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After this day, I never expected to see this sweet woman again.  But, I never could’ve predicted what happened next…

Her daughter posted the picture of her mother and I on Facebook.  She somehow found me and the next day my mother and I went over to the house they were staying at!  I met her son, daughter, her daughter’s husband, and her husband.  We sat and talked for hours and it will forever be one of my favorite memories!

Moral of the story… Accept having a big heart and let it guide you to do amazing things in your life!

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