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Why Graduation Really Is Worth All The Hype

Why Graduation Really Is Worth All The Hype

Once in a blue moon do we ever get the opportunity to celebrate ourselves and have others recognize our achieve. Adulthood entails maturity, strength, and self-reliance. As children we are accustomed to being constantly celebrated for our small accomplishments. Whether it’s learning to ride a bike, making a DIY Thanksgiving turkey, or simply being able to get ready on our own is a big accomplishment. However, this changes over the years and then there comes a time were no one is congratulating you for your accomplishment. It is a big stepping stone when we develop our own agency, motivation and autonomy as adults. When we learn to keep things moving for our own sake and not for anyone else. This is why a College graduation is the opposite of those childhood moment because it is a celebrate of something you did for yourself. It is an accomplishment that is entirely your own and that’s what makes it so special.

1. The small details that make up a special day.

There are a lot of people graduating with you, which objectively does not make your graduation day as special an event. But in reality it is a very unique and sentimental moment that should matter to you. Whether you see College as a means of getting a degree and making money, it is much more than that. The logistics of college like writing papers, taking exams, and reading books are the “work” aspect that made College a bit of a pain in the b*tt, but however College is a lived experience.  This experience is made up of the good times or moments were you discovered what your passion was, got to know friends a bit better, or simply enjoy learning about how big the world actually. is. You meet other courageous and bright people who really inspire you to live life to the fullest and inspire you to do the same. Not only does College open a professional door to you but also open a personal one.

Why Graduation Really Is Worth All The Hype

2.Learning to explore is one of the bravest things to do because you come out of your comfort zone.

College can be a very challenging time for people who do not know themselves very well or simply do not know where they want to go in life. Once you are in College you will start to question just about everything. To be being to graduate shows great strength because it is ultimately a sum of all your academic work. But as I mentioned before the fact that you were able to focus and organize your life to fit into your academic work shows commitment. Life is unexpected and we cannot control any aspect of it. It honestly takes a lot of sacrifice to get anything decent done. The weekends when you could have gone out for drinks or the hours spent reading shows that you have grown to be a mature person.

Why Graduation Really Is Worth All The Hype

3. Self-respect and pride are developed in College as a form of strength.

Graduation is and should be a big deal because simply because you would be cheating yourself if you do not celebrate it. Try do take time to congratulate yourself, be kind and generous with yourself. Show some self-love by dedicating time to take some leisure. Of course, by the end of your last semester of Undergrad you will be worn out for sure. You will want to throw away your books and never look back but I really encourage you not to see things this way. Learning is a life long process and you don’t have to see your College experience as a burdensome experience. Try to get your college experience as three-dimensional and the lived experienced that it really was that will always be with you.

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Why Graduation Really Is Worth All The Hype

4. All you can do is try and that will take you a long way.

Be hyped on your Graduation day. Congratulate yourself for trying and setting goals for yourself. Look forward to what’s to come and know that you are capable of this and much more! Learn to see your Graduation as a unique and symbolic day, so make it personal because this day will just be about you.

Graduation is one in a life time achievement that is worth all the celebration. This is the day where you give credit to yourself only.

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