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Why Going To The Movies Is A Terrible First Date Idea

Why Going To The Movies Is A Terrible First Date Idea

Going to the movies may seem like the perfect date idea, but the experience is less than stellar. Find out why you shouldn't include the movies into your first date plans.

Movie dates are perhaps the most popular first date destinations throughout the world. It’s the standard goto idea for when you’re not feeling creative for your first social outing with a potential partner. Combined that with dinner and you’ve got yourself a stereotypical date night. However, going to the movies may not be the best idea when attempting to find out more about your would-be girlfriend or boyfriend.

You Can’t Talk To Each Other.

Unless you’re the worst kind of person, you more than likely won’t be talking to your date while inside the theatre. Sure the movie may be engrossing enough that both of you won’t mind the hour and half of silence, but if the movie is terrible, then you’re gonna have suffered in silence while you regret suggesting the film. Regardless, your first date should be centered around actually finding more about whoever you’re out with and not awkwardly sitting in the dark next to someone until the show is over.

Other People May Ruin The Movie.

While you and your date might be respectful, the same can’t be said for other moviegoers. Who knows how many people might be on their phones, have loud kids running around, or just narrating the movie every five minutes. People also have a tendency to repeatably leave their seats, talk to their friends, unwrap their candy extremely loud during key plot points, and more. Sometimes your lucky enough to have a decent audience but the chances are completely random. So not only can you not talk to your date, but you also might have the overly priced movie ruined by a couple of wannabe comedians.


The Concession Stand Adds Up.

Now, most people tend to go on movie dates at night where they’ll pay full price for their tickets. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, most people tend to purchases a few snacks. They may get some candy, popcorn, nachos, and drinks. Eventually, all of this can add up $30 or more depending on how much your theatre of choice feels like ripping you off. Overall, the potentially stale candy and popcorn aren’t worth the additional cost.

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The Movies Are Less Memorable.

Let’s say that your first date with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend goes incredibly well. You two may end up dating for some years and maybe even tying the knot. I can guarantee that you probably won’t remember the exact movie that both of you saw that fateful first date. Sure you may remember how both of you felt at the time and certain highlights from the date, but your mind won’t immediately recall the film that both of you saw. For this reason, why not make your first date something uniquely tailored to your date’s interest. I can guarantee that the act of you going the extra mile will impress your date far more than any generic romantic comedy.


There Are Better Alternatives.

Depending on how comfortable your date is with this, there are more cost efficient/intimate alternatives. For instance, you could still have a movie night in the comfort of your home where you can prepare a meal that you’re date would love. Instead of being forced to sit in silence, both of you could find a movie to watch together and still talk to each other. You could find a comedy, horror, or even an outright terrible film. Even watching something horrible would allow both of you to make fun of the film together. The benefit would be that you won’t be breaking the bank to impress your date and the gesture will seem more personal and thoughtful.

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