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10 Reasons Why Going To College Is Actually Important

10 Reasons Why Going To College Is Actually Important

There are so many reasons why going to college is actually important. From networking, to learning how to research and write effectively, go to college!

Every college student, no matter who they are or what school they go to has asked: “Why does college matter?” This question occurs most when waking up for an 8am or looking over student loans. No matter what people say, going to college is crucial. Here are some reasons why going to college is actually important.

1. Teaches Responsibility

For most students, college is the first time that they can move out of their parents’ house and live on their own. With no parents around to tell them what to do and when to do it, it gives the students much more freedom. They are on their own for the first time in their lives, and they must make sure they get up on time, go to class, complete their work, are involved, and possibly have a job. There is no better way to prepare students for what living in the real world is like other than actually experiencing it.


2. Networking

College is one of the best times in a student’s career because they are exposed to so many professionals in their field of study. Being exposed to so many professionals allows them to learn how to be professional in the business world and learn solid communication skills. Another bonus of networking is that one of the professionals could notice students work and recruit them for an internship and possibly a future job.



3. Finding What You Love

The absolute best part of college is the exposure to so many different areas of study, and it allows students to take classes in all the fields to find out what interests them. This is so important because after college it is not easy to switch career paths. If you do what you love for a living, it will never feel like work.

4. Clubs

Clubs are important to college because one aspect that employers look for on resumes are students going beyond their studies to become involved. Clubs also allow students to build teamwork or leadership skills that will be beneficial for the working world. At the same time, the students can develop long lasting friendships while learning more about a hobby they love.


5. Papers and Research

Another first for college is to learn how to write effectively. Writing is an imperative skill to have in the business world. Most students do not know how to write when they come into college, and it is one of the first classes that they take. So, by the end of their college career, they are efficient, creative writers. Along with writing, researching is also crucial. Without learning the skill of research, students will not be able to find the information they need to learn and succeed in the business world.

6. Teamwork and Leadership

Teamwork and leadership are emphasized almost more than anything else in college. These traits are what make the business world function, and those who have refined these skills stand out on employer’s radars. These skills are built through group projects. Unlike high school, college projects are much more elaborate and require students to work in groups. Students will rapidly learn that it is much more efficient to work together rather than separately. Leadership is learned in college through clubs and other extracurricular activities where students can work to be above and beyond to become a leader in that organization.



7. Presentations

In college, you are required to write and research, but the most important part that most high schools do not touch on much are presentations. In the working world, the majority of the work that you do, you must present. Like anything, practice makes perfect, especially presenting. In almost all college classes, students will have to present their work which gives them much practice.

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8. Money Management

With no parents around, students are in control of all their money. No one is telling them what to buy or how much to save. Students are also often in charge of managing paying bills and their student loans. Money skills are an absolute necessity for everyday life, and college is a perfect time to learn them.

9. Friends

Friends are what makes college fun. No matter whether you go to a small college or a large university, there are people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Students have more interaction with each other than ever before. They see each other in clubs, live with them, and are all doing what they love together. The friends students make in college are often friends for life.


10. Accomplishment

At the end of the day, college is the one best experiences in a student’s life. When they graduate, a college degree does more than earn them a job. A 4-year degree shows commitment, how a student can focus on something, and follow it through to the end. A degree also gives the student a sense of accomplishment, that they did something that will set them apart for the rest of their life.

What are some other reasons why going to college is actually important? Comment below!
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