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Why Going To A Small School Is Beneficial

Why Going To A Small School Is Beneficial

Why Going To A Small School Is Beneficial

Choosing which college is best for you is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. Going to a small university has so many great benefits for students, and I am here to share those with you!

1. Community

First and foremost, going to a small school makes it so much easier to meet new people and new friends. This results in a group of students and faculty that are tightly knit as a group.

It is much easier to recognize faces, learn names, and get acquainted with your surroundings. If you are a more shy person (like me) this makes the transition from high school to college that much smoother.

What’s also great about a smaller group of students is the community really comes together as one with ease. Whether that be for campus events, fundraisers, or simply to hang-out together; it is much easier to organize and connect as a unit.

It is also nice to walk around campus and frequently see people you recognize and have the ability to start a conversation. Having people around you that you feel comfortable and familiar with really makes a big difference in your college experience.

Why Going To A Small School Is Beneficial

2. Involvement

With a bigger college, it can be much harder to find clubs or activities that you may be interested in- as there are usually so many to go through and it’s hard to find out about them.

However, with smaller schools, this isn’t an issue. Not only are there usually activity fairs, but you can also reach out to almost anybody to get the scoop on what might interest you. Also, bulletin boards around campus usually share information on the latest events and clubs!

Also, it is so much easier to start a club. If there isn’t one that catches your attention, make your own! As the campus is small, it is quite easy to find the door of whoever you may need to talk to in order to start your desired club.

Why Going To A Small School Is Beneficial

3. Accessibility

Small universities have a much better student to teacher ratio. Yes, your professor will most likely want to learn your name and more about you as a person, rather than a seat number in a lecture hall. Creating a connection with professors is really a key to learning their material.

What is also great about this is it is much easier to network. You can meet with professors, and they can provide you with information to connect with possible employers, or even offer their own advice for your future endeavors.

If you need extra assistance, meeting with your professors during office hours is also a great benefit to take advantage of. Though larger schools may offer office hours, it may be much harder to schedule an appointment, and professors will not be able to understand who you individually are as a learner.

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Outside of professors, it is also important to note that reaching out to advisors, or any other department on campus, is much easier. They are usually only a short walk away from your dorm room. It takes no effort at all to find who you are looking for.

4. Success

As I just said, the professors will know your name…which means you need to show up to class.

With a smaller class size (usually, around 20 students, give or take) the education that professors give to you will be more tailored to your needs as a student.

The professors will have greater expectations of you, as they know what you are capable of. In the long run, smaller schools yield better test scores.

In a smaller school, more unique majors are also usually offered. This means you can really hone in on your passion, and give it your all.

Why Going To A Smaller School Is Beneficial

Do you go to a small school? Comment down below!

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