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Why ‘Glossier’ And ‘Glossier Play’s’ Makeup Is Worth A Try

Why ‘Glossier’ And ‘Glossier Play’s’ Makeup Is Worth A Try

Why 'Glossier' And 'Glossier Play's' Makeup Is Worth A Try

If you haven’t already heard of Glossier, you must be living under a rock. The latest trend of no-makeup makeup with dewy skin was propelled by three things: K-beauty, Instagram, and most of all, Glossier. Here’s a few reasons why you should try the cool-girl skincare and makeup brand, Glossier (and their new eccentric line, Glossier Play).

1. They’re cruelty free

Not many popular beauty brands revel in the fact that they are 100% cruelty-free, but Glossier can. You can easily unload the weight off of your conscience that no animals were harmed in the making of your (soon to be) favorite products of all time. While the average human being with an average salary might think Glossier is a bit pricey for makeup, keep in mind that you are paying for quality and ethics.

Why 'Glossier' And 'Glossier Play's' Makeup Is Worth A Try

2. Glossier is for everyday use

Glossier’s products are extremely easy to use. When they first started, I remember a lot of models and YouTubers loving this brand as their holy grail of on-the-go makeup. Most of their products through the original Glossier line (except Boy Brow and Lash Slick) don’t need any other tools (makeup brushes, sponges, the works) other than your fingers. My favorite part of my morning is when I get to use Cloud Paint on my cheeks, because I’m just tap-tapping the color back into my face which will typically last me the entire day.

Glossier Play’s products are different though, because it’s marketed for another purpose other than “everyday,” which is what the original makeup line tackles. Most of us would not be wearing yellow glitter and moss green eyeliner on our eyelids at nine in the morning.

Why 'Glossier' And 'Glossier Play's' Makeup Is Worth A Try

3. The packaging is totally Instagram-able

Seriously, how cute and minimalistic can Glossier’s packaging get?! The millennials are screeching for their favorite pink shade accented on every product. I know I’ve already hinted at my love for Cloud Paint, but the packaging for this blush to look like acrylic paint makes it convincing enough for me to pick up and buy every single shade (if only all of them matched my skin color as well as ‘Dusk’). Another cute packaging moment happens with Lidstar, which is their cream eyeshadow, since it looks like little test-tubes from Chemistry lab but way less basic. The doe-foot applicator that comes with Lidstar also makes it easy to swipe, tap, and go (which is how it usually goes with the original Glossier makeup products)

Glossier Play also brings the same picture-ready packaging, but with a slightly different vibe of 70’s disco night mostly due to the different font of the logo. Glossier Play’s packaging is reminiscent of many other beauty products we know of (because how many other ways can you present eye pencils or glitter gel?) but it’s still minimalistic enough to fit the aesthetic.

Why 'Glossier' And 'Glossier Play's' Makeup Is Worth A Try

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4. The company’s emphasis is on skincare first

One of the reasons I stick with Glossier is because they don’t advertise their makeup products to ever cover up your own unique individual skin. In fact, I remember when Glossier was first starting to get more popular, the company received a lot of backlash for not having enough pigment on their products like the Perfecting Skin Tint and Generation G lipsticks. Other makeup companies can keep telling us that we need either an expensive or cheap (but with low-quality ingredients) high-coverage foundation to look good, but the actual issue and solution lies with our skin, which will benefit more from avoiding a pile-up of products and chemicals onto it. Makeup with Glossier is simple. It’s only an enhancement of what we already have and to embrace what we have, flaws and all.

Why 'Glossier' And 'Glossier Play's' Makeup Is Worth A Try

5. Glossier Play lets you experiment

Glossier Play was created for the times you want to go all out. The Colorslide eye pencil and Glitter Gelée leaves plenty of room for you to art vomit all over your eyelids, which will certainly make you feel like the life of the party that everyone will admire. I haven’t tried all the products yet, but I can vouch for their Vinylic Lip in ‘Disco’ which is my go-to lip color for the special occasions. The Vinylic Lip comes in shades that will definitely wow and impress, and may leave someone begging to be kissed by you at the end of the night! Just be careful, because it does transfer…

Why 'Glossier' And 'Glossier Play's' Makeup Is Worth A Try

Have you tried Glossier or Glossier Play yet? Let us know your favorite makeup products in the comments below, and make sure to share and let others know why this brand is worth it!

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