Why Girls Don’t Mind Having Side Dudes

Why Girls Don't Mind Having Side Dudes

Have you ever wondered why females don’t care too much with having a side dude, or why they have a side dude just in case, well I’m about to let you in on a little secret:

It’s a much-needed breather from the main relationship

When you’re spending all of your time with one person (minus the occasional visit to your girl gang) the sex gets dull, the compliments are tired, and you’re rethinking who you are as a person.

If you decide to have something on the side, all of that changes. Sometimes hearing compliments from a different tired-eyed guy is just the thing you need to take a relationship break without unnecessary tears post that “I need space” talk.

Your side bae is sure to give you the relief you need when a fight with the main bae breaks out over something as dumb as who’s playing Fortnite. They can play all the games they want, but in the meantime, you should pay a visit to the side piece when the main one would rather waste your time entertaining buffoonery.

Females are masterminds when it comes to playing the game with females just as much as guys do it to females.

Taking things too fast isn’t an option in the main relationship

When bouncing between two people, you’ll find it easier to manage any overwhelming feelings because your attention isn’t consumed by one dipshit to take control and override your emotions.

Additionally, you’d stay true to who you are because you can’t help but become more self-aware when you’re between your main relationship and side relationship.

Even though I was swooning over one of my exes who shared the same feelings, he never was able to put me first. So instead of crying over spilled milk, I made sure to keep someone else in my back pocket which lessened the blow of my deteriorating feelings for my ex. You’ll become less guilty and more appreciative for the distraction. Not every relationship will bend at your will, so find two that will meet all your needs.

Females are masterminds when it comes to playing the game with females just as much as guys do it to females.

You’re less likely to get bored with the main

Once the cupcake phase simmers down, you’re over the amazement of how hot they are and your shock that they’d actually be interested in dating you is over — so now what? You take your hot ass back to the single-sex mindset you had before and get back to hoeing for your side dude.

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Somewhere in the back of your yearbook reads a message from a classmate imploring you do not ever change, but who hasn’t completely lost sight of themselves in a relationship? You fall so deep into a love-spiral that you’ve kicked your friends’ opinions to the curb. Keeping that extra special someone around only reminds you to stay true to yourself.

Females are masterminds when it comes to playing the game with females just as much as guys do it to females.

And let’s not forget that having something new will only improve your sexual experience

Why do all the extra work of finding a bunch of candidates to hoe around with and risk catching something when you can just find one extra person? Side bae won’t try to convince you that what you’re doing is wrong. It’s not like you and you’re main are married, so why not experiment with just one other person?

Your side bae is the person you want to try all the really nasty things with if you wouldn’t ask your main bae to try for fear of judgment. Side bae is your 7-day free trial before you have to give up your mental and emotional payment to side bae.

People are so stuck in society’s expectation of monogamy that we totally ignore how natural it is to spend your youthful years exploring. You know, before you break a hip!

You can’t beat a female at her own game when she has already been trained by guys that care about her tremendously. Comment down below if you agree.

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