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Why Gender Fluid Clothing Is Becoming So Popular

Compared to the social roles of past generations, today’s generation is riding a wave of social acceptance, which can be seen by the rising popularity of gender fluid clothing. This generation filled with Millenials, Z babies, and Alphas, has worked tirelessly to develop a society that progressively chooses to accept individuals for who they are, no matter what sexual orientation or gender identification they choose to have. This movement towards a more gender fluid society has created a platform for LBGTQ individuals to thrive and fully express their personality freely and to the fullest. Fueled by a class of empowered women who seek equal opportunity and recognition, our current generation seeks to break outdated stigmas concerning gender roles and responsibilities of women and men, to develop a more fluid and ungentrified future. 

A sign of such positive rise in social development is shown by the rising popularity and production of clothing that is free from general gender expectations. This type of clothing is innovative and necessary development in our world of self-expression and forward-thinking fashion.

1. Growing Acceptance Of Gender Fluidity

Defined properly, gender fluidity means that a person is flexible about their gender identity, rather than committing to a single gender. In simpler terms gender fluidity means that the individual is non-binary, meaning they don’t identify with one particular gender, but instead fluctuate between and express gender as they please. Non-binary individuals can sometimes be genderless, and express themselves through who they feel their inner self is.

Unlike previous eras of people who have criticized this lifestyle, our generation has grown to accept this lifestyle by growing their acceptance of others who may not fit the standard. Rising in the social sphere as a popular topic, gender fluidity, as well as transgender roles and other topics relative, are being discussed more openly than ever before increasing the public knowledge of these topics that can be somewhat tricky to understand for some. 

2. Tearing Down Old Gender Rules And Ideals

Progressive ideas are the key to a future of pure equality. With that being said, feminist movements are being used as a catalyst to equalize the gap between women and men. Sadly, most women are still seen as subordinates compared to men, and continually get treated lesser or are seen as less capable of performing the same tasks as men. However, we know this to be completely false. But still, women are dismissed and often sexualized for their choice of clothing. One solution many women have begun to manifest is dressing in a more masculine way to diminish feminine stigmas and create a barrier between their body and their capabilities. 

Women are capable of accomplishing brilliant things!

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3. Clothes Are A Tool For Self Expression

As living breathing individuals with uncomparable personalities, we desire to share with others who we are inwardly by expressing ourselves outwardly. Using clothes and makeup we can transform ourselves into a work of art that parallels who we are and what we want to be seen as. In this new wave of inclusivity, our society values self-expression and puts those who aren’t afraid to be different on a pedestal of admiration. We can imply the evolving nature of gender fluid clothing production is directly tied to society’s desire to use clothing for expression. As non-binary morals arise, clothing needs to be able to manifest these morals into the design, in order to make garments less gender-specific and more gender neutral, and fulfill the needs of the masses providing a broader platform of outfit creation.

4. Inclusive Shopping Experience

By creating clothing suitable for all genders, fashion brands or retailers will develop themselves into an all-inclusive unit where individuals have the freedom to choose whatever they want to wear without discrimination.

Try taking some time at of your day to educate yourself more about positive social movements in your community. Support the movement for a more equal future and try your hand at dressing in more gender fluid clothing. 

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