Why FSU Students Should Encourage Panhellenic Love

Greek life at Florida State is widely popular among students. Each year, roughly 2000 women participate in Panhellenic recruitment at Florida State. While so many women are passionate about their own sorority, it can be easy to forget to show love for other chapters on campus. We tend to forget the importance of sorority love across campus. These are some reminders of why it is crucial to do so.

We are all a part of the same organization

Whether someone is in your chapter, or another down the street, at the end of the day we are all a part of the Panhellenic organization. Every chapter may be different, but we must all stand together and support one another. Sorority love is just as important as it is to show love for the chapter you belong to. Your own specific chapter would not be standing without the support of others. Whether it be a philanthropy event, holding recruitment for new members, or anything else- your chapter could not be successful without the support of other sororities.

Sorority love is key to the success of every chapter and can better your own life in more ways than one. Many of my best friends from high school have joined different chapters than me, so I have been able to attend their events and meals. When you push your biases and judgments aside, you will find that other houses can be just as warm and welcoming as your own. Supporting and showing love for other sororities is necessary to keep Greek Life alive and the Panhellenic community enjoyable.

Why FSU Students Should Encourage Panhellenic Love

It encourages a positive environment

The simplest reason to show kindness to every sorority is to create a positive environment. There is no need to be catty or speak badly of other houses. This behavior can be toxic and easily spread if it is encouraged. The Panhellenic community at FSU is much more enjoyable to be a part of when we are kind to women in every chapter. Just as you would not want people to speak badly about your beloved sorority, it is not kind to speak badly about others.

Making a conscious effort to create a positive environment in the Panhellenic community will encourage more women to join recruitment and make every shared event much more fun to be a part of. It’s great to show pride for your own chapter, but it is not necessary to bash other houses in the middle of doing so. One of the reasons I love my chapter so much is because everyone seems to encourage having a positive attitude and being kind to others. While upholding sorority love among your own chapter is important, it’s just as important to speak highly about other chapters at your school. Greek life at FSU would not be enjoyable without the positive and kind-hearted women that are involved.

Why FSU Students Should Encourage Panhellenic Love

We are role models

Because Greek Life is so popular at Florida State, many people will consider this a factor when considering attending here. It is up to us to uphold the standards and shows younger students how great Panhellenic life at FSU is. Whether you believe it or not, you are a role model for younger members in your sorority. If they see you and other women speaking badly about every chapter that is not your own, they will think this behavior is part of what it means to be in Greek Life. Greek Life and the Panhellenic community are intended to be an enjoyable experience for everyone who is a part of it. Every house is unique so that everyone will find the right fit, but this does not mean that any is better than the other.

Being a Panhellenic woman means you must make a conscious effort to serve as a positive role model for others. In addition, you are a role model for your friends and family around you. People notice positive attitudes and acts of kindness. If you are self-aware in the ways you act and speak, others around you will likely enjoy your presence more and feel inspired to also act kindly. I know it can be tempting to gossip but this will only cause unnecessary conflicts.

Not to mention, it is detrimental to building your character. Sorority love is a great value to uphold and behavior to practice for your own personal development as well as that of all the younger women watching. One of the reasons I wanted to rush at FSU, was because I saw that so many women involved in Greek Life here hold themselves to a higher standard, and hold each other accountable for their actions. I find this especially true within my own chapter. I look up to many of the women in my chapter. Their values and morals are so prominent in everything they do.

Why FSU Students Should Encourage Panhellenic Love

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You are a representation of your sorority

Not solely during recruitment, but year-round you are a “middle man,” acting as a representation of your sorority. Your family members, friends at home, and people you may hardly know, all obtain an impression of your sorority based on your actions and words. The way you speak about houses that are not your own creates more of a reputation for your sorority than the one you are gossiping about. This is why we are told to speak positively about other houses when recruiting a PNM.

Recruitment is not the only time we should exhibit this behavior, but rather a reminder to act this way year-round. When I was rushing, I explained that I was upset about not receiving another house back. Instead of bashing the house I wanted, she comforted me and spoke positively of the other houses. Her kind words made me think more highly of the chapter she was in. The way you choose to present yourself gives people an impression of the organizations you’re a part of. I try to make an effort to speak and act positively towards other chapters.

Why FSU Students Should Encourage Panhellenic Love

It doesn’t hurt to be kind

To be especially blunt, speaking negatively and gossiping about others is immature and rude. Whether you’re speaking about another Panhellenic woman or anyone else, speaking positively of others is common courtesy. The way you speak and act has an influence on others. Upholding a positive attitude and being kind to others will encourage this behavior among those around you. I know that when I see my sisters being kind, I am inspired to do the same. Sorority love, with the keyword being “love,” will always create a positive impact and influence among the community. As a general rule of life, being kind to others will always be the best choice to make.

Why FSU Students Should Encourage Panhellenic Love

It is crucial that we uphold the standards and values pertaining to Panhellenic women. Sorority love among all chapters is crucial to creating a positive environment and a community of supportive women on campus. It can be difficult to always be kind to others. However, it is essential that we make an effort to refrain from acting negatively. Spread the Panellenic love!

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