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Why Fall Is The Ultimate Season For Travel

Why Fall Is The Ultimate Season For Travel

To travel without the limitations of time and money is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where that is financially realistic for middle-class civilians. You can have a boatload of money, and somehow it still won’t be enough. However, the Fall season has been designated as the season for travel, because it is one of the down-times for travelling. Here is why:

1. School Is Back, Deals Are On

Fall is the season to travel because everyone is going back to school. Not only will there be no loud children on your flights or at your destination, but it will also be less busy. Many parents don’t want to leave their children at home alone, or want to take their children with them on vacation. For this reason, many parents will wait until Christmas or march break to travel. Since many people don’t travel in the fall due to work and school, the travel prices are more cheaper. Many travel websites place more deals in the fall because they know no one is going to leave work/school unless it is a pretty good deal. 


2. No More Crowds

Fall is a great time to travel because there will be no crowds. Not only are you going back to work, but so are the residents of the country you are visiting. In summer, there are so many crowds because everyone is off. However, in fall it will just be you and a few other lucky tourists who waited to travel. You will be able to visit your favourite and most-wanted locations without having to wait an hour in line. You will also be able to take cute pictures of your destinations and loved ones without having to move around strangers or have so many people in the picture with you. Many summer pictures are hard to see, because there are so many people. You can’t see what it is you are taking a picture of, and to some people that can be a little frustrating. In the fall, you won’t have this problem. 

3.  Beautiful Weather

Fall is a great time to travel because of the nice weather. While summer is blistering hot and winter is ice cold, fall has that nice mix of warm temperatures and a cool breeze to make site-seeing enjoyable. You won’t have to carry around a mini fan or a thick coat when you travel in the fall. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about transferring between temperatures when your return. If you travel during the fall season, the same temperature of your home country will match the temperature of your travel destination. No excess luggage is needed at all! Not only can you enjoy the nice cool breeze of a warm day, but you can get beautiful images of the leaves changing colour, and the last shots of green foliage before the ground freezes over. 

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4.  Fall Fashion

Fall is also a great season to travel because the fashion is almost universal. What do I mean? We have all been in that position where we buy a cute summer outfit while on vacation but cannot wear it for another year because we would be returning to cooler temperatures. On the other hand, with fall, the temperatures are nice and cool, so you can wear almost anything and be okay. All you need to do is back a neutral coat in case of colder climates. Other than that, you’re fine. Plus, who doesn’t like a cute picture in a fall forest with your cozy leather jacket and scarf. Talk about insta-worthy!


We can’t wait to travel until our hearts are content this fall. Where do you plan on traveling? Let us know down below!