Why Everyone Should Love Post Malone; The Gentle Giant Of The Rap Industry

From his countless number of tattoos covering his entire body including his face to his greasy cornrow hair and golden teeth, Austin Post also known as platinum internationally acclaimed artist Post Malone is not the kind of guy you’d want to introduce to your parents on your first date. However, underneath his rugged edgy appearance hides a soft and gentle interior personality. Posty is not only famous for his music, but also well known for his humble and down to earth personality that makes him even more likeable. If Posty’s soft side isn’t enough to make you fall for his gentle giant persona here are some other reasons why you should love Post Malone.

Humble beginnings

Unlike the thousands of famously acclaimed musicians that dominate the charts and media, who are typically born into stardom with their family backgrounds, Post Malone built his way up to stardom originating in his own in a small town suburb in Dallas. Throughout high school Austin utilized soundcloud as a platform to share his music and even got bullied for it. After highschool Austin dropped out after 2 months of community college at TCC to live with his best friend in Los Angeles and pursue kick starting his career in music.

Austins arrival in Los Angeles was accompanied with no musical reputation, only a apartment that he shared with his friend. His claim to fame reputation was catalyzed the day he released his platinum award winning single “White Iverson” on Soundcloud and Youtube earning him billions of views and listens, and his current career. Essentially, Posty was just a normal guy making music and blew up from not just his one hit wonder “White Iverson”, but also through both of his platinum debut albums Stoney and Beerbongs and Bentleys.

No label for his music

Post Malone is typically categorized as a white rapper by majority, but personally Posty doesn’t believe in labeling his music to one specific genre. In multiple interviews Posty emphasizes how he is not strictly a rapper, especially evident with his love for rock. His main focus is producing music that he is proud of whether it’s him rapping in songs like “Rockstar” or getting personal with a pop sound like in “Better Now.” Posty holds no limitations with his music and is a fan of multiple genres of music, which only makes his music and artistic beliefs more appealing.

Comedic Interviewee

The most distinctive quality of Posty’s that shines out in every interview is his sense of humor. Instead of taking all the various criticism he gets on a consecutive basis seriously including his hygiene, fashion style, and music, Malone invites hate and agrees with his flaws. Malone’s humor embraces hate and accepts it with a shrug and not a care in the world attitude, knowing the only form of judgment that matters is his own when it comes to producing music that he is proud of and knowing he has plenty of supporters out numbering the haters.

Has a “Believe in Yourself” Philosophy

In various interviews when asked about his view on making music and being a notable celebrity amongst the competitive music industry, Posty emphasizes sticking to your roots as a musician and going against the standards and expectations placed on artists by labels and industry workers. In Malone’s vision believing in your own creative vision and the effort you put into your work overpowers societal pressure. Malone’s humbleness despite being one of the biggest rising artist’s in the world currently, underscores his geniality when it comes to his main advice on staying true to who you are as a person.

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Genuinely Loves His Fans

Normally once celebrities achieve the status level of platinum they become inclined to the idea of not having to meet or acknowledge their fans anymore, since they’re so big in popularity which could also arise a big ego. However, despite Post Malone’s enormous amount of success and popularity as a musician, Malone is still down to earth when it comes to meeting his fans and acknowledging their worth in maintaining his career.

I experienced this firsthand during Free Press Music Festival 2017 in Houston, TX when I and a whole crowd of other people spotted Post Malone in the hotel lobby. Inevitably, his presence drew in a mob of people anticipating to get a picture with him, while he waited for his ride and instead of ignoring everyone he took the time to take pictures and hugs with every person that approached him. Humble musicians are genuinely hard to fine in the music industry yet Malone is kind, humble, and has a friendly personality! 

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