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Why Everyone Should Learn To Knit Their Own Blanket

Listen, we’ve all been there. It’s cold, your bedroom is too far, and you’ve gotten comfortable on the couch with your latest Netflix binge. The solution to this problem: make a knit blanket. I know, it sounds crazy and how does this have anything to do with anything? Just follow the train of thought:

1. Customization

When you’re making your own knit blanket you are following your own rules. You get to decide the color, size, type of yarn, etc. Do you want to become a blanket burrito? Done. You want something you can tuck away in a basket by the couch? Done. You want it to be a rainbow? Done. The sky is the limit. Dream big boo, don’t get in the way of your knit blanket dreams. And because you can never have enough blankets, if there’s more than one idea you want to pursue then you can! After all you need AT LEAST one blanket for every room in your home.

2. It’s Easy!

Maybe this should have been number one, because knit blankets are SO easy to make. I think people have some idea that knitting is super hard or elaborate so they shy away from it. While that can be the case depending on how elaborate you want to go, for our blanket making purposes that’s just not the case. If you get big enough yarn, you might not even need knitting needles, you can just use your hands. Then it’s just loop after loop after loop until you’re done. There are a bunch of quick and easy videos online you can watch to get you started. 

3. It Can Be Relaxing

The repetitiveness that comes with making your own knit blanket is surprisingly relaxing. Once you get into the groove of it your mind goes blank and your hands just move on auto pilot. All of your tension just melts away and time ceases to exist. When you come out of it not only will you have a new blanket to wrap yourself in, but you’ll do so refreshed and with a lighter heart. So if finals or work have you stressed out, take a breather and knit a few rows to your blanket. The nice thing about making your own knit blanket is that there’s no rush, no pressure to finish so get to it when you can or need a break. When you feel ready to return to your previous activity you can just tuck away your blanket for later.

4. It Can Be A Bonding Activity

Know someone who already knows how to make knit blankets? Ask them to teach you! You already know how? Offer to teach others! Knitting blankets is a great way to spend time with other people because it’ll take you a while to finish and you can chit chat as you go. It also doesn’t require anyone to plan a whole lot else, other than maybe food because knitting is hungry work! So with some snacks, a show for background noise for when conversation lulls because you get too focused, and your yarn you’re all set for a relaxing time. When all is said and done, all parties will walk away with a new skill AND a blanket! A win all around. 

5. They Make Great Gifts!

A handmade knit blanket makes a great gift for any occasion! Since they’re so customizable you really can whip out your knitting skills for any and all gift giving occasions. Housewarming? Check. Baby Shower? Check. Birthday? Check. Everyone loves a good blanket and the fact that it’s handmade will make it extra special. The Receiver will be touched that someone took the time to make them something so beautiful and lasting just for them. Soon everyone will want you to make them one! 

6. Helps You Learn To Multi-task

The nice thing about making your own knit blanket is that it gives you chance to multi-task when you might not otherwise be. Going back to that Netflix binge, now you have something to do while you watch so it’s not just empty time! Not that the occasional veg out is a bad thing (self-care friends!) but you also don’t want it to become a habit. If you’re someone who likes to multi-task this is a great way to do it since you can start and stop both things on your own schedule. 

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7. No More Sharing!

You’ll always know how many you have because the time you spent making them will be ingrained in your soul. So if someone asks to share your blanket you can direct them to your stash like the blanket dragon you are. Sit smugly in the cocoon of your hard work, knowing that you’ll never have to deal with blanket hogs again. Unless you want to, because sharing is caring and all of that. 

8. Makes A Great Podcast Activity 

Making knit blankets are a great podcast activity. You can just sit on the couch and listen to one as you work, and you won’t have to split your focus as much as if you were watching a show. So if there’s a podcast you’ve been meaning to get to now is the time! A full sized blanket takes roughly 6 hours to make if you’re using chunky yarn (at least in my experience) so you can get through a good chunk of podcast episodes. Or if you decide that you’ve had enough for one day you can easily put away your blanket materials and move on to another activity all without having to stop the podcast.

9. Warmth

So there’s the obvious, making a knit blanket will keep you warm once you’ve finished it but it will also keep you warm as you’re making it. Obviously as you go the blanket only gets bigger, which means more than likely you’re piling or draping it over yourself to keep going. So even before it’s done the knit blanket is already keeping you warm! Which also means that unless you have really good AC, you might want to keep this a winter hobby so that you don’t risk over-heating in the summer. 

How do you feel about making your own knit blanket? Let us know in the comments below!

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