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Why Every FSU Student Should Go to International Coffee Hour

Why Every FSU Student Should Go to International Coffee Hour

If you are a FSU student then here is why you need to go to the international coffee hour. This is a common activity for FSU students to participate in.

There’s a lot more to being a Seminole than just going to class, going to the Strip, and going to the games. Florida State University has a whole host of extracurricular activities to take advantage of. And most of them are free. One of my favorites is International Coffee Hour. Here are the 4 reasons why every FSU student should go to International Coffee Hour.

1. You Get to Eat Delicious Food for Free

FSU’s International Coffee Hour is hosted every Friday at the Center for Global Engagement between 5 and 6:30PM. It’s a time for a FSU student,  faculty, and staff to get together over coffee and snacks. The snacks are provided by a different student group each week, representing different cultures and countries. Over the years, International Coffee Hour has been co-hosted by the French Club, the Slavic Student Association, the Indian Student Association, and so many more.

Why Every FSU Student Should Go to International Coffee Hour

It’s a great way to try delicious food from all over the world. I know the dining halls on campus have gotten better but still. Suwannee can’t hold a candle to fresh, handmade samosas. For free. Did I mention that all of this is free?

2. It Will Broaden Your Cultural Horizons

Food is a great tool for bringing people together. When someone shares their food with you, they’re sharing their culture with you, too. International Coffee Hour takes it to the next level, though. The student group that’s hosting doesn’t just make and serve their traditional foods. They also put out cultural artifacts, like artwork or textiles, and sometimes posters with interesting factoids. There’s often music from the country playing as well.

Why Every FSU Student Should Go to International Coffee Hour

Don’t be afraid to ask about the food they’re serving. They’ll be more than happy to tell you what it is and why it’s popular or culturally relevant. The same goes for anything they’ve set out on the other tables. They want you to ask questions so that they can share their culture with you. It’s an amazing exchange for a new FSU student.

3. You’ll Meet New and Different People

It’s always a good idea to expand your social circle with people who are different from you. College is the best time to do that. Meet people of different races, different religions, different nationalities. International Coffee Hour is one of the best places to do this. Like I said, food brings people together, so getting to know one another over a piping hot blini or a savory bowl of zarda is extra special.

Why Every FSU Student Should Go to International Coffee Hour

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Some of the people you will meet at International Coffee Hour are students just like you. A friend dragged them along or they saw the advertisement in their Spanish class or the smell of Jamaican jerk chicken drifted over to the SLC and enticed them out from behind their laptop. Some are professors or other faculty. Some are international students. And not always just the students helping co-host. A lot of international students hang out at the CGE. Introduce yourself to another FSU student and be open to learning about new cultures. You might even make some friends.

4. It Beats Doing Homework on a Friday

If any of the above reasons aren’t enough for you, consider International Coffee Hour the perfect excuse to procrastinate. You can tell yourself it doesn’t really count as putting off homework because you’re still learning, right? By the time it ends, you’ll still have time to eat dinner, get ready, and pregame before hitting the Strip. Or College Town, if that’s more your scene. Homework will have to wait until Sunday afternoon.

A culturally enriching exchange, great company, and delicious free food and drinks (of the nonalcoholic variety, sadly), what could be better? Maybe an International Cocktail Hour. But seriously, FSU’s International Coffee Hour is a highlight of campus life. With the vast number of cultural student unions and international students on campus, each week offers an awesome new experience. There’s also a lot of other great cultural activities, seminars, and events hosted by the Center for Global Engagement. Check it out while you’re at International Coffee Hour. It’s definitely something to add to your FSU student bucket list.

Are you a FSU student? Tell us your favorite times at the International Coffee Hour in the comments below!

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