Why Ed Sheeran Is A Lyrical Genius

There is endless proof that Ed Sheeran is one of the most talented musicians in the world. From his effortless singing skills to his one-man-band guitar-shredding, loop pedaling concerts, Sheeran has built a fanbase of people of all ages from all around the world. But it’s not just his musical talent that makes people love him, Sheeran is an insanely gifted writer as well. As a songwriter, Sheeran has written most of his songs, composing lyrics that many can relate to with similes and metaphors powerful enough to make the heart melt. Here are just a few lyrics that prove that Ed Sheeran is a lyrical genius:

1. “The Worst Things In Life Come Free To Us”

Let’s kick it off with some early Sheeran lyrics. Sheeran’s debut single, “The A Team,” gives us a hint as to what we should expect from Sheeran in years to come. When he released his debut single in 2011, Sheeran’s fanbase quickly began to grow, and not only did they love Sheeran’s soft sound, but they enjoyed the relatable and honest lyrics as well. Sheeran’s lyrics saying, “the worst things in life come free to us” is a reminder to everyone of how the world works. Life isn’t always easy, and things aren’t always simple. The worst things in life are free, but these things only make the best things in life a little better.

Why Ed Sheeran Is A Lyrical Genius

2. “All I Want Is The Taste That Your Lips Allow”

Sheeran is definitely a romantic at heart, and he shows his love for romance in songs like “Give Me Love.” In his nearly 9 minute song, Sheeran’s lyrics reflect on a relationship that seems to be falling apart. He considers the outcomes of what this relationship will bring, showing vulnerability as he sings, “all I want is the taste that your lips allow” and expressing his need for the love that he used to receive. It’s a simple lyric. Sheeran is basically saying, “I want to kiss you,” just in a way more poetic way.

Why Ed Sheeran Is A Lyrical Genius

3. “I Don’t Get Waves Of Missing You Anymore, They’re More Like Tsunami Tides In My Eyes”

Sheeran is able to take such a simple and repetitive concept – like crying over someone – and turn it into a work of art with. His talent with words and piecing them together allows him to write and sing about concepts that are cliché, concepts that many other artists attempt to sing and write about. Because of Sheeran’s writing skills, he has the ability to sing about things like crying over a lover without sounding cheesy and unoriginal. 

Why Ed Sheeran Is A Lyrical Genius

4. “I Could Play A Guitar Just Like Ringing A Bell”

Like I said, Ed Sheeran’s musical talent does not go unnoticed. His concerts are literally just HIM on stage with a guitar, a microphone, and a loop pedal. All of that musical magic comes from him alone, and it seems impossible to any average person, but Sheeran reminds us all that playing the guitar comes as easy to him as ringing a bell does to others. Sheeran makes bragging sound poetic, and we love it.

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Why Ed Sheeran Is A Lyrical Genius

5. “Our Eyes Are Never Closing, Our Hearts Were Never Broken, And Time’s Forever Frozen Still”

I don’t think it is possible to talk about the simplicity of a photograph in a more beautiful, poetic way. A picture is a picture, a snapshot of a moment caught in time, and Sheeran turns the concept of a photo into something way more. Because of his talent with words, Sheeran makes the concept of a photograph much more meaningful, turning it into a reminder of how his heart used to be and creating a wave of nostalgia for all who have experienced something similar.

Why Ed Sheeran Is A Lyrical Genius

What is your favorite Ed Sheeran lyric? Comment down below and let us know why!

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