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Why Easter Is Lowkey The Best Time To Travel

Why Easter Is Lowkey The Best Time To Travel

Easter is a holiday common associated with colored eggs, the Easter bunny, and spending time with family. Also, of course, lots and lots of chocolate and other delicious food. For some, they celebrate for the religious origins of Easter as being known as a holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. Whichever way you and your family decide to celebrate Easter makes a great time to eat great food and spend quality time with your family and friends. It also makes a great time to jump on a train or a plane and take a trip! Easter makes a great time to travel because it’s arguably a less popular time to travel, it’s conveniently timed after other travel-popular holidays, April is typically a time for great weather, and it’s always great to spend time with family and close friends. Despite being a major holiday, there are a few reasons why Easter is lowkey the best time to travel. 

1. Not a Major Travel Holiday

Easter is considered one of the major holidays there isn’t any argument over that. However, for various reasons, it isn’t considered a big holiday to travel for. People could have a few different reasons to not make that trip for Easter to their family that lives in another state. It’s not well-known for Easter to be such a major holiday that you need to take time off work or school to travel and be with your family. Unless, of course, your family celebrates Easter strongly and makes a point to always be together for it!

Basically, all of this shows that perhaps Easter is a great time to travel because it won’t be as busy and the airports or bus stations and the like won’t be crowded with fellow travelers looking to get to their family for the holiday. The stresses of traveling and dealing with airports or lots of car traffic can easily dissuade people from taking that trip they’ve been wanting to. Easter can make a great time to plan a trip if you can time buying your tickets to catch those ticket deals. It’s also conceivable that if traveling is slowed during Easter time then you can assume there will be deals and cheaper tickets to fly and travel around in general. Cheaper tickets and a less crowded airport seem like great reasons to book some flights during Easter! You’ll save money and have a better travel experience as you head to see friends or family for great food and maybe some egg dyeing! 

Why Easter Is Lowkey The Best Time To Travel

2. After Spring Break and Other Holidays

Another reason that Easter can be such a great time for travel is the timing of it compared to other breaks and holidays. It’s only a few months after the expensive endeavors from Christmas/Hanukkah and New Years so most people will still be letting their bank accounts recover. Spring break, as well, usually occurs a few weeks before Easter which will be a more popular time for most people to travel. More popular meaning that tickets will be more expensive, airports more crowded, and more people on the road.

Thus, Easter makes for a great time to book some flights and travel around because many other people will be tired and broke from their winter holiday festivities and Spring break. You can stay home and relax for Spring break, save some money, and then take a better and cheaper trip once Easter comes around. You can go see family and enjoy the chocolate, good food, and fun that can come with Easter celebrations. Or take a trip on your own and see some new sights, meet new people, and spend some time relaxing and focusing on yourself.

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3. Great Weather

Easter makes for a great time to travel because it happens during a great time of the year weather-wise. April means that we are well into Spring so we can hopefully expect warm weather and lots of sunshine! Wherever you may be traveling too, unless it’s to the Southern Hemisphere, April is a good month in Spring to find yourself in good weather. This contributes to Easter being a good time for traveling because you don’t want to travel somewhere just to find yourself in bad weather. However, don’t forget to pack a rain jacket as April can also flip and bring about some rain! But who doesn’t love some light rain every once in a while? Take advantage of that great Spring weather in April and book an Easter vacation back home or to somewhere new! 

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Why Easter Is Lowkey The Best Time To Travel

4. Time with Family & Friends (or Yourself)

One of the most important reasons why Easter can be such a great time to travel is to be able and spend time with your friends and family. Spending time with family and close friends can be something we overlook in our busy lives. Trying to juggle work, school, relationships, finances, fitness, and more can lead to us overlooking or not spending enough time with friends and family. It can be draining on one’s mental health to be “all work and no play” and to put off and prioritize other things over spending time with your loved ones.

Easter can make a good excuse for you to take a few days off work and fly home to see your family! Of course, sometimes you can get too much time with friends and family and feel like you need a break. Easter makes a great time to travel somewhere new and experience new things while spending time with yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little R&R to relax from the stresses of work/school and life in general. You need to dedicate time to taking care of yourself as well! Combined with cheaper tickets, less crowded airports, and great weather you can’t avoid utilizing the great travel perks from planning a trip around Easter. 

Why Easter Is Lowkey The Best Time To Travel

Where would you like to go (or where do you go) when you travel around Easter? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash
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