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Why Dunkin Donuts Will Never Be Better Than Starbucks

Why Dunkin Donuts Will Never Be Better Than Starbucks

You have to try these fall drinks at Starbucks this autumn! Starbucks is known for having a wide range of seasonal flavors, but these are the best!

Coffee makes up 70% of our bodies. Or is that water? Either way, coffee is a significant part of most students’ diets. I for one could never have gotten through high school or college without it. I’m also sure I’ll continue to drink coffee throughout all of my working life, as do most Americans. Because of this huge coffee conglomerates such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have emerged. However, which one is better and should be sought out for your coffee needs? I believe Starbucks will continue to be the reigning champion in the coffee industry and here’s five reasons why.


Starbucks’ claim to fame is their strong coffee that they roast themselves. While Dunkin Donuts does brew a decent coffee, it’s just point-blank watered down compared to Starbucks’ normal coffee. Now if you are buying coffee for a weaker disposition or you prefer something more like coffee-milk, then maybe Dunkin Donuts is the place for you.

However, if you are buying coffee for its taste and body, then Starbucks wins hands down. And, because of the variety of caffeine products available today, you’re most likely drinking coffee for its taste. Therefore, you are going to choose Starbucks every time. Otherwise you would just be drinking Red Bull or Diet Coke.

Why Dunkin Donuts Will Never Be Better Than Starbucks

Branding and Association

From the point of view of an uninformed consumer, Starbucks already appears to be the leading brand. Their elegant and simple design screams sophistication and aesthetics, convincing the consumer that Starbucks is a master at the art of making coffee. The design implies that you’re paying for something extra in your product compared to the  simplicity of the Dunkin Donuts brand. The pink and orange are nothing special and were most likely chosen to grab the attention of the consumer. The bubble letters also hint at an almost amateur mindset, like they were the doodles on the side of some notes from a middle schooler.

Then there are the associations of the companies. While these are not caused by the brands and logos, the companies’ associations are most definitely correlated. In regards to Starbucks, people associate artistry, innovation and “basicness”. For Dunkin Donuts they think fast food, fattening sweets and baseline products. 

Why Dunkin Donuts Will Never Be Better Than Starbucks

Target Audience

It’s no secret that while Starbucks reigns in the South, Dunkin reigns in the North. Or at least, they used to. Now Starbucks is taking back territories in the North by invading the larger cities and establishing firm footholds there. They are accomplishing this by their two main targets: white collar workers and “basic” girls. By successfully controlling these two demographics, Starbucks is able to maintain dominance in the industry and successfully convince American families to buy their products through one or both demographics.

Why Dunkin Donuts Will Never Be Better Than Starbucks

Physical Set Up of the Store

Starbucks has perfected the art of the “third space.” A perfect mixture between work and home – their stores not only give their consumers a great cup of coffee, but also a neutral space to complete their daily tasks. This third space enables consumers to maintain boundaries between their work and personal lives, allowing their home to exist as a pure place of relaxation. For this reason, they will continue to dominate the coffee industry because consumers are not only buying a product, but they are also buying an experience. On the other hand, at Dunkin Donuts, you are most likely just stopping through on your commute to grab a quick cup of Joe.

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Why Dunkin Donuts Will Never Be Better Than Starbucks

Seasonal Additions and Extras

Last but not least, the seasonal additions such as new drinks and cup designs combined with extras such as their food menu and mobile app add icing onto the last tier of the Starbucks cake. Without a doubt, one of their claims to fame involves their pumpkin spice lattes that they serve in the fall.

Also changing up their cup designs for holidays such as Christmas and Easter eases Starbucks from a big conglomerate feel to more a community-minded business. Also, their food menu and lunch items allows them to be a one-stop shop for its consumers. 

Why Dunkin Donuts Will Never Be Better Than Starbucks

Which do you like better Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Let us know in the comments below!
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