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Why Do Females Fake Moan During Sex?

Why Do Females Fake Moan During Sex?

Why Do Females Fake Moan During Sex?

The harsh reality in the sex world is that a good portion of woman fake moan during sex, especially with their partner. Believe it or not, there is obviously a reason behind it, and is not doing it to be jerks or bitches.

Boyfriend Is Lacking

Think about honestly, if you are having sex with your boyfriend and he is not at all pleasing you, and you don’t want to stop in the middle and tell him, you just opt to start fake moaning. Fake moaning can be seen as a insult, but how do you think woman honestly feel, having to put themselves in this situation.

For a woman, they tell you what you are doing wrong, or what you can do to improve and if you still don’t take heed to the advice that is being given, then it shows that you don’t care to please her, so why shouldn’t she fake moan.

Why Do Females Fake Moan During Sex?

Boosts Up The Mans Ego

I think it’s a universal feeling to not want to bruise a man’s ego but to boost it as their significant other. So when deciding to fake moan in retrospective to boosting his ego, you are falsely giving him the hope and confidence that initially affects the way that he will present his self going forward in the future.

Boosting a man’s ego because bad sex is being performed is not the fault of the woman. You can’t give trash ass sex and expect the recipient to just accept it without dealing with the aftermath of it or consequences during it.

The funny thing about it is, woman are great ass actresses when it comes to this unless they want you to know that they are fake moaning.

Why Do Females Fake Moan During Sex?

Don’t Want To Be Rude

Being able to avoid being rude to someone, or hurting their feelings, is something that is common among woman, especially when it pretains to their boyfriend. A woman doesn’t wake up and say, you know what today I am going to be rude and mean to my boyfriend.

No, that is the last thought that anybody wants to do, so when it does end up happening, know that we don’t want to hurt your feelings. Trying to spare your feelings as much as possible and sometimes it doesn’t always work out.


The foundation of a relationship is built on communication. Communication is the key to unlock the hard doors that don’t want to open. So, when a woman communicates to her signifcant other about what is not going well for her in the bedroom, listen.

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If communication is not being valued and taken serious between two people in a relationship, growth and progress can’t occur. How do you expect a different outcome on either side if only one person is taking communicating feelings important.

Practice good communication and you will be good.

Why Do Females Fake Moan During Sex?

Woman Just Want The Same Effort That They Give

Woman are naturally affectionate, loving and caring individuals, so when they are not getting it reciprocated back to them, it doesn’t make them feel good. They don’t feel appreicated, they don’t feel cared for, or worthy enough to get effort put into them as much as they put into their boyfriend.

If we are getting down to the business and making sure that you are pleased and satisified, why is it so hard to do the same for us woman. It is only fair, as the old saying goes, treat people the way that you want to be treated.

Fake moaning is called for when your needs are not being met, and attempts on communicating your feelings are not taken serious. Comment below if you agree, share some of your stories in the comments.

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