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Why Boston Is The Best City To Live In During Your 20s

Why Boston Is The Best City To Live In During Your 20s

Boston is by far one of the best cities to live in during your 20s for its culture, food scene, and energy. The population in and around Boston is young due to the number of universities, hospitals, and tech companies that crowd the area. 

The top 3 reasons to move to Boston in your 20s are as follows:

1. The Crowd

Bostonians are known to be a bit loud and obnoxious, with their catchy New England phrases such as “wicked awesome!” or “the cah keys,” but they are some of the best people on this planet.

Bostonians are extremely proud of their little city with its cobblestone streets, quaint boutiques and sidewalk cafes, and the loyal people that inhabit the streets. Bostonians typically stay in their city, which makes it all the homier.

Boston is divided into a bunch of quarters, giving you an opportunity to explore a variety of cool places and understand the different people in each section. For example, Boston University is located by Fenway Park and the nearby cities of Allston and Brighton, so there is an abundance of students and fun bars to try. Back Bay is the area typically associated with the upper-class and the population of doctors and surgeons living nearby the hospitals. 

No matter which area you choose, there is a place that’s right for you with a variety of other people and cute neighborhood spots that you’re sure to become a regular at. Boston is proud of its oceanfront location, its food, and its Italian and Irish heritage, but Bostonians are extremely welcoming to newcomers because they want to show you just how wicked awesome their city is.

Why Boston Is The Best City To Live In During Your 20s

2. The Job Scene

In addition to the people of Boston, the job scene is the second most important factor when considering a move to a city in your 20s. Another positive aspect of the city is that it boasts an abundance of jobs in all areas from healthcare, technology, education, and retail. 

Boston is home to several of the world’s top hospitals from Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth-Israel, Boston Children’s Hospital, Tufts Medical Center, and more. Harvard Medical School also sits next to these hospitals and produces some of the leading physicians of the world. There are plenty of opportunities for those in medical care, research, and healthcare as well. 

Not only does Boston boast some of the best hospitals in the world, but also has top-notch universities. From the Ivy League Harvard to MIT, Boston College, Northeastern, and Boston University there are in addition, a plethora of smaller colleges and universities within its vicinity. Boston is the perfect place to pursue that Master’s degree you always wanted to get, take courses, and meet other young students.

Besides medicine and education, you can also pursue research opportunities and technology positions under Massachusett’s Institute of Technology or with the vast array of tech giants and start-ups that dominate Cambridge, MA. Boston is the perfect city to start out in with its lively energy, young population, and the availability of jobs.

Why Boston Is The Best City To Live In During Your 20s

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3. The Culture

Boston is not a boring city, in fact, it has growing nightlife, a bustling restaurant scene, and is within close proximity to a number of beaches. 

Boston isn’t just a spot to live in during your 20s, but for life. It has a gorgeous backdrop on Boston Harbor, a number of job opportunities, and tons of other young and ambitious adults looking to make the city their own.

Why Boston Is The Best City To Live In During Your 20s

4. Dining and More

From Tatte Bakery and Cafè in Beacon Hill to Alden & Harlow in Cambridge and Island Creek Oyster Bar in Fenway, Boston has a place for everyone’s taste buds. In fact, the Fenway has recently been built up and redone with a number of new cocktail bars, restaurants, and even welcomed a City Target. The Seaport is Boston’s next up and coming area and boasts a gorgeous Legal’s Harborside, an outdoor concert venue, and a variety of other restaurants and delis.

You won’t be bored with the high-energy of a tech town and the highest concentration of medical professionals in the country or with the number of winning sports teams as well. Boston is lovingly known as “Title Town,” and if that isn’t another primary motivation to live here during your 20s, I don’t know what is.

Why Boston Is The Best City To Live In During Your 20s

Did I convince you to make your move to Boston? Let us know in the comments below why you love Boston! 

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