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Why Black Squirrels At Kent State Are Such A Big Deal

Why Black Squirrels At Kent State Are Such A Big Deal

Everywhere you look along Kent’s campus you find these cute little fuzzy squirrels. Theses squirrels are not any ordinary animal, here they eat pizza, play with sticks, and are not afraid of getting too close to humans. What makes them even more special that there are black squirrels at Kent State. Yes back home if you’re not from Kent you have squirrels some grey, brown or even albino, but never will you find cuter squirrels than the ones in Kent.


What they do:

These cute little black puff balls don’t just store nuts for the winter, they play around like they are puppies. On a regular basis you will see them eating random human food, playing with sticks, having staring contests with students, and the last of all, watching them chase each other.

These little guys aren’t afraid to be petted by humans, or fed by them either, I mean you could say that some students keep them as a pet.


Who are they?

Yes, good question! Think of the squirrels as your best friend when your happy, sad or just having a bad day. I mean think about it they are always with you when you walk to class, they stare at you and are good listeners! They always will make you laugh, and because of their fun color you can’t miss them.



Since these special squirrels look and act different than the rest I would say that they are more mischievous than any other animal at Kent’s campus. These squirrels get way too curious for their size! Last year one of the squirrels somehow made its way into our dorm hall and ended up running around the halls for a week. The squirrels have also been reported to be held as pets for getting to close and friendly with the students.

Around Campus:

Even walking around you notice squirrel sculptures placed around the university and even downtown to show how popular these little squirrels are! So if you are visiting Kent, make sure to get a selfie with one of them before you leave!



No, unfortunately black squirrels are not the mascot for the university, however there has been a petition to change the mascot from the Golden Flashes to the black squirrel. So don’t worry we are working on it!


Why we love them:

Because they are fluffy and small and do the silliest things 24/7. They make people laugh and enjoy nature, it makes students take notice to the simple things than taking it for granted. Even though these fur balls are small and cute they hold a very important purpose to our environment and atmosphere at Kent State.

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