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Why Best Friend Breakups Are Worse Than Actual Breakups

Why Best Friend Breakups Are Worse Than Actual Breakups

When you think about your best friend, you think about the person who has your back no matter what. You two have talked about the cutest guys on campus, helped pick out each other’s outfits when going to parties, swapped period horror stories; your best friend is your ride or die. But sometimes we outgrow people, it’s natural. Best friend breakups are the absolute worst. Here are some reasons on why breaking up with your best friend is worse than breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

1. Everything reminds you of them.

Maybe it’s their favorite color that keeps popping up, or their favorite movie is playing on the TV. No matter where you go, something will remind you of the person you once called “best friend.”

2. Inside jokes are dead.

There will be times when you’re hanging out with other people and someone says something that reminds you of an inside joke between you and your ex-best friend. Usually you’d pull out your phone and laugh about what happened your ex-BFF but now you have to just sit keep it to yourself.

3. #SquadGoals is no more.

Whether or not your friendship ended badly or not, the rest of your friends will slowly start to drift away from one another. You guys didn’t mean to pick sides but it happened subconsciously. Now whenever you look back at photos of you all together, the nostalgia hits you hard.

4. (Not So) happy holidays.

Friendsgiving, Galentine’s Day, and Christmas aren’t the same when your best pal isn’t there to help you feel like you’re not alone. You two used to swap horror stories about your family’s political views at the dinner table and the gossip about your Aunt Margret tells you about your Aunt Julie. Usually holidays end in a sleepover where you’re watching Elf and eating pizza.

5. Drunk texting just got real.

The fear is that you end up drunk texting your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and going off on them. But when it comes to best-friend break-ups, the fear is texting them and telling you’re deepest secrets you kept from them or saying that you still have they’re favorite t-shirt in the back of your closet.

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6. Weekends = watching Netflix alone.

Normally when you’re watching Netflix at home, it’s to take a day to relax and have some “me time”. You’re still texting your best friend and maybe they’ll even come over and join you. But not it seems like you’ve had too much “me time.”


7. You lost a friend.

What this all comes down to is how terribly crushed and heartbroken you are. You lost a friend who you might’ve seen going to college with, going to each other’s weddings, having play dates with each other’s kids, and maybe even getting older and causing mischief at a retirement home with. Life changes and so do people. For now, you just get by one day at a time without them.

Have you been through a lot of best friend breakups? Comment below.
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