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Why Being Your Own Biggest Critic Is The Best And The Worst

Why Being Your Own Biggest Critic Is The Best And The Worst

There is nothing more important than maintaining your mental health! Find out why you should stay on top of your mental health!

Being self-critical definitely has its benefits. It is self-motivating and can really persuade you to work hard, aim high and have a desire to better yourself. Better yourself in all ways imaginable. This can all be taking place at the same time as negative impacts of being self-critical. It can leave you blubbing over a tiny mistake that really doesn’t matter. Or it can mean you have a hard time dealing with external criticism. Being your own self critic is the best and the worst because of how it can develop. It can be the best, bring out these positive traits. It can be the worst, bringing out the negative ones.

No-one likes to be criticised. But, have a look at why being your own biggest critic can be the best. Try to focus on those aspects and work out the worst aspects. After all, as a self-critic, you’re always wanting to better yourself.

Why being your own self-critic is the best:

1. Self-motivator

Applying self-criticism can be very motivational. This motivation can manifest in a multiple of ways; in your work, dating life, exercise schedule. You name it!


Why Being Your Own Biggest Critic Is The Best And Worst

2. Take care over your work

Applying a critical eye to your work tries to ensure that you produce the best work you can.

3. Independent

Being self-critical can be the best because it can make you very mentally independent. This means you can rely on yourself to get stuff done, and to a level you think is good enough.


4. The desire to better yourself

You probably consider how you can keep improving and being a positive and productive member of society. This is a great trait! You want to continue to learn, broaden your horizons and embrace new ideas, perspectives and arguments.

Why Being Your Own Biggest Critic Is The Best And Worst

5. Aim high

Your hard work through a self-critical lens means that you know your capabilities and, in the interest of having a desire to better yourself, want to aim high.


Why being your own self-critic is the worst:

1. Hard on yourself

When you’ve done something wrong you can beat yourself up pretty bad. One of the worst aspects of being self-critical is that you don’t give yourself much margin for error. Don’t beat yourself up too much! Mistakes help you improve. Why Being Your Own Biggest Critic Is The Best And Worst

2. It can slow you down

Depending on how scrupulous (great word) you are with your own work, it can sometimes be painstakingly long before you decide your work is good enough.

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3. Doubt yourself

Ironically, being too critical on yourself where you have self-motivation and a desire to better yourself can come hand in hand with doubting yourself and your abilities at times. This is another manifestation of the worst aspects of being self-critical that can also slow you down.

4. Other people’s criticism is hard to accept

Since you are already being internally critical, other people’s criticism can confirm and further the self-doubt and issues you are probably already aware of.

Why Being Your Own Biggest Critic Is The Best And Worst


5. Lower your own worth

When you mess up, if you’re too critical on yourself you can begin to doubt, and lower, your own self-worth. It can sound dramatic, but if you care too much and put a lot of critical pressure on yourself this can result with you not actually being able to deal with failure. Failure is a natural repeated process of life, use some of the best qualities of being self-critical to pick yourself back up. You got this!

Why being your own biggest critic is the best and worst is because it can bring out some truly great internal qualities. But these can sometimes be overwhelmed by some of the worst and harshest issues that make you way too hard on yourself. I think being self-critical is a great skill to possess to a degree. Make sure you focus on its best aspects for yourself and stay motivated!

Use your self-criticism as a superpower and not a kryptonite! Are you your own biggest critic? Tell us in the comments!

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