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6 Reasons Why Being Single AF During The Holidays Is Amazing

6 Reasons Why Being Single AF During The Holidays Is Amazing

Are you worried about being single during the holidays? Don't be! There are actually a lot of good reasons why being single during the holidays is great!

It’s cuddle season, and it seems like everyone is pairing up, sipping on hot cocoa together, going on dates to see the Christmas lights, and wearing matching pajama sets. And here you are, sitting inside, watching Netflix with your sixth bag of buttered popcorn in your lap, and flipping through your Instagram feed covered in couple-tastic twinsy pics. At this point you’re either wondering if you’re undateable, doomed to be single AF during the holidays or if fake butter flavor could be your new perfume.

Either way, you shouldn’t worry about having someone to be cutesy with, and I think that a quick shower could eliminate the butter problem. Plus, there’s a lot of great things that go along with being single during the holiday season. Here’s a list of six reasons why it’s awesome being single AF during the holidays!

1. You can eat as much as you want without being self conscious about it.

Honestly, I don’t think you should care how much cake you eat (as long as you’re not being totally unhealthy about it), whether there’s a cutie watching you do it or not, but I know some people get self conscious about it. But if you’re single AF and ain’t really looking to mingle, eat the second piece of cake or extra stuffing and don’t worry about it! If you want to eat it, then eat it, no big deal, even if you get some icing on your cheek (or forehead or wherever else).


2. You don’t have another “extra special” gift to buy.

Gift giving is definitely one of the most fun things about Christmas, but it can be really stressful too. With all the friends and family you have to gift wrap for, who needs an extra special person to think about too? Those gifts always have to mean something super personal and adorable, and that just takes a lot of thinking and designing, and it takes time away from all the other people you have to buy/make gifts for. Save that for another Christmas some other time, and get some great gifts for the people in your life that love you no matter what.

3. No awkward family introduction conversations.

Yes, we all dread the “why aren’t you dating anyone, you’re so wonderful” conversation, but nobody can deny that it’s even more awkward to make those beginning introductory “here’s my partner” conversations. And then you have to wait for your parents, grandparents, siblings, and obscure aunt to evaluate them and see if they like them and everything else. Personally, I’d rather say I’m not seeing someone at the moment then worry about whether my family will like the person I’m going out with this year while trying to have a good time with the family over the holidays.


4. You have more time to cuddle with the family pet.

This is a pretty simple one, if you aren’t cuddling with a partner, you could be cuddling with your dog. And be wearing matching pj’s with a furry bundle of joy. Just saying.

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5. You can take your best friend to go see the Christmas lights.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a best friend? If you want to go see the lights or a parade, make it a girls night and have a great time anyway. You don’t need a boyfriend to feel love this Christmas season. Plus you can flirt with the guy across from you in the cute little hat with no worries.


6. You can focus on those New Years resolutions with no distractions.

Without someone else to worry about, you can really make a change for the better! Crush the gym or read a ton of books or whatever else with a devotion you might not have otherwise.

So don’t worry about it y’all, ”tis the season being happy with you!

Are you feeling single AF? Let us know in the comments below why you think it’s the best during the holidays!
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